What is is Pumasok Ka Pa Performance?

April 20, 2015 • written by

The last thing you want is pumasok ka pa performance.

Sarcasm intended.

Where I work we have several metrics or performance indicators.

The most important are attendance, AHT, Daily Sale, Customer Feedback and QA.


is the most important metric.

If you’re not at work you can’t perform.

Most call center companies get paid by the hour.

If you miss work or arrive late the company loses more money than you might think.

How well you comply with your attendance tells the company how reliable you are.

In a lot of situations passing attendance had helped agents I know keep their jobs even if their other metrics are a little less than the standard.

I know someone who sucks at all the other metrics and average at his best strengths but because he is never absent and never late he kept his job for over five years.


is how long it took you to complete the interaction with the customer.

This is how fast you processed their request.

This may be how fast you solved their problem.

Most people find this important.

The key is you look at the weight of all the other metrics.

In some companies you can get away with higher than normal AHT as long as you have lots of sales and good customer feedback.


are the source of the company’s income.

We are required to sell to 2% of all the calls.

That means if we get 100 calls we need to make two sales.

That’s one sale every fifty calls.

If we get an average of 25 calls per day then we need to make a sale every other day.

If you’re good, you can sell one per day.

Sales happen when you decide to pitch your best at every opportunity.

Pitch confidently and pitch regularly.

Communicate the benefits and ask them to buy.

Customer Feedback.

At the end of the call some customers choose to give the company feedback on their interaction with the representative.

If the representative gave good service the company will know.

If the representative gave bad service, the company will know as well.

Where I work, customer feedback is the second most important metric to follow and the first metric that I mastered.


is how well you follow a script.

QA or quality analyst reps use this really detailed checklist of elements of a call and whether you followed company procedure and how well you did.

Just follow the script.

Attendance may be the most important trait, if you’re late, you don’t have a sale, the customer hates you and you didn’t follow a script, your boss will wish you didn’t go to work.

Don’t imagine metrics as requirements that you need to pass.

See it as part of your job or better, a challenge to conquer.

Be positive and just do it.

Forgive yourself if you suck but don’t stop there think of solutions to get better.

I believe you can do it.

I used to be a problem agent but with the right attitude and the right strategy, you can make a little regular improvement then you’ll eventually reach your goals.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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