How To Overcome Your Super Shy Self with One Exercise

October 08, 2012 • written by

I’m really a shy person.

If you’ve noticed recently that I put up a YouTube channel called CCTTShow that you can subscribe to.

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I’ve been trying to make videos to help you with your job application.

I recently put up two.

You’ve seen them in my past lessons.

Now, why did I do this?

I’m developing a technique you can do at home to work on your shyness.

Here’s what you can do…

Pull out your video recording app from your phone if you have one or if you can borrow one that also works too.

Try reading something and record how you perform.

When you’re done recording, watch yourself and look for everything that you need to improve.

Make a list.

Have the courage to look at yourself and confront what you suck at so you can get better.

Notice your facial expression.

Notice your voice.

Notice how you project your message.

Are you speaking loud and clear?

Are you breathing properly?

Are you smiling while you are talking?

Criticize yourself.

Now, here’s what to do next.

Repeat the process.

Do a take two.

Record the video.

Does it sound better or worse?

Is it a little better?

Review your video and list down the following details.

  1. What are you doing right? Keep doing that.
  2. What are you doing wrong? You know how to fix that.
  3. How can you do better next time?

Keep repeating until you are happy with the video.

Ask friends to help you if you have people available.

That’ll improve your English significantly.

Keep watching your show and learn to improve your performance.

Great artists do this.

They review their performance thousands of times.

They practice until they can do it right.

Then they practice some more until they can’t get it wrong.

This is what separates professionals from amateurs.

Question is, what are you?

Are you a professional or amateur?

What you do next will determine your destiny.

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I am praying for your success. God bless!

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