Avoid This Kind of Loser Attitude

September 19, 2019 • written by

Don’t hate your employer.

Even if you plan to jump to a new company.

Even if you plan to start your own business…

And be your own boss.

Don’t hate on your employer.

Don’t interact with people who are talking trash about the company and the management and invites other people to resign with them.

People do that to make you quit.

So they have less competition for promotion.

Sometimes people follow them.

But you’ll be surprised…

They stayed…


Do not let other people POISON your mind.

This is one of the move of people who play dirty politics.

So expect this to happen in your career.

Do not wish for avail.

Some days you’ll have lots of calls.

Some days you’ll have few calls.

And that is normal.

It shouldn’t affect how you look at your job.

Every day at work is an opportunity.

Your job is a blessing…

That’s because your job is the source of the income that you will use to BUILD your DREAM LIFE.

Your boss and employer is your first INVESTOR and CLIENT who TRUSTED YOU to MAKE THEIR BUSINESS BETTER and PAID YOU MONEY TO DO so.

So don’t bash them.

You can’t use stepping stones that you hate.

You’ll just fall off when you try to jump to a greener pasture.

If you want a new job… expect these interview questions…

Tell me about your previous employer?

What is the best part about working for NAME OF COMPANY/ NAME OF BOSS?

What is the part you didn’t like about working for NAME OF COMPANY/ NAME OF BOSS?

Then the interviewer will give you lots of follow up questions and judge you based on these answers.

Nobody want’s to hire a TRAITOR.

If you talk SHIT about your previous employer, nobody is arrogant enough to think you won’t stab them in the back.

If you want to start a new business…

Your new client might ask you the following…

I can see that you just started your company…

We want to make sure we are dealing with GOOD business owners who CAN BE TRUSTED are DEPENDABLE and has INTEGRITY…

Who did you work for in the last five years?

What is the name of your direct supervisor?

Is it okay with you if we call them for reference?

What Kind of Response Will You Give…

If you have this hate for your previous employer?

Will you lie?

Won’t the interviewer or prospective client see that?

Won’t other people see that?

Won’t you see that you are just lying?

Are you the type of person who can stomach living in dishonesty?

Just saying.

Practicing the truth, gratitude and responsibility is more difficult, but it makes life easier long term.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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