10 Tips To Speed Up Your Improvement

July 10, 2016 • written by

We become intentional with our improvement because we are trying to achieve something important to us.

I usually try to improve so I can prepare for a job that has higher pay.

I’ve done this successfully since 2001.

I used these lessons to learn martial arts, to get hired in a call center, to learn how to sell, to become top agent, to learn how to make websites, to be a popular blogger, to get a raise, to start my business, to get fit, to learn to cook and so on.

You’ll take these lessons and succeed in anything that you’re trying to learn.

1. Have a training partner.

A partner keeps you accountable and tells you what’s wrong.

A partner challenges you to be better. Watch this video.

2. Commit to life long learning.

Education doesn’t stop after high school or college.

A high school graduate who continues to learn and improve will surpass a college student who stopped studying in less than five years.

3. Don’t take learning seriously.

Be sincere about learning instead.

You get more out of anything if you relax and have fun with it.

Focus on the basics and master it.

4. Take notes.

Write down everything.

Fill your notebook with lessons and ideas.

Review your notes regularly.

Learn from a lot of smart people.

At the end of six months, your notebook should have thoughts of a lot of smart people. 

5. Use the recorder and listen to yourself talk.

Practice until you’re happy.

6. Learn from someone with a lot of experience.

Treat them to Starbucks and make them talk.

I use money intelligently.

I only spend on something where I can get something useful in return.

A book is the cheapest way to get an education.

A book often takes a year or more to write and was written by a really smart person and edited by his or her friends.

Buying a book is often like buying a skill and borrowing the brain of an expert.

Books are also shortcuts to multiplying money.

You pay Php 500 to Php 2,000 for a book and you get something worth more in return.

Here are some examples based on my experience:

Some books taught me how to get jobs(20k a month, 45k a month and work from anywhere).

Some books taught me how to get good at jobs (top agent 3k worth of freebies, consistent incentive awardee 6k a month for three years is 206k, 100k a month selling real estate).

Some books taught me skills so I don’t have to spend on some things (how to cook 6k a month, how to draw 5k a month, how to take care of websites 10k a month.

Some books taught me how to save and invest money (60k to 100k a year).

8. Pay for a class or tutor.

Keyword is pay because you get what you pay for.

It gives you access to an expert, a partner and a lesson, all in one.**

9. Share what you learned.

You understand what you learn if you try to teach it.

Tell your partner or your best friend what you learned today and ask their opinion.

10. Learn other skills.

Do you know how to cook?

(fix a computer, manage money, write a blog, ride a bike, climb a mountain, take care of your body, martial arts, draw).

The more skills you know the easier it is for you to learn other skills.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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