How to Write a Resume for Call Center Application

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I would like to share some tips on how to improve your resume.

These are tips based on my research and experience as a job applicant and slightly from my work in recruitment.

Here are some guidelines when writing a resume for call center application:

A resume is a conversation piece.

If you think of the application process as a business process, I’d like you to picture yourself in this manner:

It has to be short - When was the last time you read a full catalog or a manual? That’s right, never.

You are not applying for a position that requires a lot of credentials.

It has to be relevant - Remember that the common positions are customer service, sales and tech support? Act accordingly.

It has to be interesting - While recruiters are looking for ways to sift out (in other words eliminate) unqualified applicants, they are also looking for ways to hire good ones.

They have an idea of what they are looking for so all you have to do is show them that you are.

Here are some tips on how to keep your resume short, relevant and interesting.

Write a short resume

Ideally a resume should be one page or in some cases two pages maximum.

Be specific about your job description

Put up your accomplishments, note what you are responsible for (output) and in charge of (tasks).

Use a professional email address

Don’t use or

Use an email address that has your name in it.

My email address is and I recommend that you open a similar email address if you haven’t done so.

Place active contact numbers at the top

When you submit an application and you qualify, the recruiter will call you and/or email you to schedule an interview or do a phone interview.

When I was working in recruitment, if I couldn’t reach an applicant on his or her mobile phone or landline, I move on to the next applicant.

Make your resume easy to read

No crazy designs please.

No script or whatever.

I use Arial, Verdana and Calibri for Windows-based computers and Helvetica for Mac Based computers. My font varies from 11-14.

Stay away from resume wizard

I usually have a hard time writing a resume using my own format through a text file.

Remove personal information

Personal information in a call center application like height, weight, date of birth, age, religion, are irrelevant.

They waste time, ink, paper and attention.

Call center recruiters are after what you can do for them and not your vital statistics.

No need to include everything

A resume must be relevant if you’ve had several jobs don’t include ones from several years ago the last three or four will do unless you jumped to different jobs a lot.

Additional resume fillers you can remove and why:

Age - Not unless you’re below 18 or over 60.

In which case you are automatically disqualified.

Date of birth - Not unless you were hoping your recruiter bases your personality on your zodiac sign. (I used to work for a boss who did this)

Height - they don’t care how tall or short you are.

Weight - it’s all good unless you weigh enough to wreck office chairs

Race - Call center companies are equal opportunity employers.

Eye Color - You are not applying as a commercial model and we don’t care if that’s real or a contact lens.

Nationality - Equal opportunity provider but you can ask.

As far as I know Filipinos are okay and foreign applicants require a working visa/permit.

Religion - They’re good with any or none.

Sex - Male, female or anything in between.

Social Security Number: This should be confidential.

Tax Identification Number: Not relevant to your application.

PAGIBIG Number - Not relevant to your application.

Health Insurance Number - Not relevant to your application.

Passport Number - Not unless you want to brag that you have a passport.

I hereby declare that all the information is true or correct. - Everything you put on your resume is understood as true and correct.

No need to reiterate this.

Signature - It’s a resume, not a contract.

To add a picture or not to add a picture?

In American culture, using a picture in a resume can bring up talks like discrimination and racism.

In the Philippines, however it is different.

I tried going with the no paper approach but in my experience the security guards and receptionists always ask for a picture anyway and it’s a hassle sticking it to the resume and what not so I later decided to just add a picture to my resume.

If you look good then adding a picture is and advantage if not, then carry out your application with your confidence. :)

Look for typos

Nothing ruins a well written resume like a typo.

What’s worse is if the typo happens to be on your phone number.

Hurry up and go check.

Ask someone else to look for typos

After you double check, it’s not that easy to find a typo in that case ask someone with good English skills to check your resume for errors.

You want to project a professional image so don’t ruin it by going cheap on paper.

It’s okay to go to a computer shop with a 3-5 pesos per page print if the print and paper quality is good.

If not, bring your own paper or look for another computer shop.

When you apply for work some will say yes and some companies will say no.

It’s okay.

Take the no’s and use what you learned from the experience to prepare yourself for the yes.

Use a hard envelope

A crumpled resume means you’re irresponsible.

Naah I just made that up.

Seriously that’s the last thing you want to give them.

Give them a crisp good quality resume to show them how reliable you are.

Additional Tip:

After submitting your resume, be prepared to answer your phone.

Expect all unrecognized numbers as your interviewer.

If you miss a call, call back twice and send an SMS if you don’t get an answer.

FI say:

I’m sorry I missed your call. May I know who’s this?

Don’t answer with “who’s this?” or worse, in Tagalog. Here’s how I answer:

Hello Good Morning (or afternoon or evening) May I know who’s this?

Do you have additional resume tips for applying in a call center?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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