Do You Have Good or Bad English?

August 26, 2015 • written by

People tell me they want to work in a call center but they are not good at English.

Then I spend hours trying to learn why they are not good and teach them howl to be good.

They then spend hours trying to convince me why they are not good.

Here’s a question for you.

Have you considered the fact that you might be already good in English?

Maybe all you need is some practice and correction.

Consider this.

In kindergarten, people speak to us in English.


Dogs are spoken to in English.

Cartoons and movies are in English.

Anime and Korean soap operas have English subtitles.

Grade one to grade six have English for subjects.

Grade four to grade six have speech subjects.

If you’re from a fancy private school your English subjects are split into reading, writing (early on) and formal theme (where you are asked to write essays).

So that’s six years of English for one to two hours a day.

Then high school another four years of English.

Some schools already implement English only policy.

While we’re at it DOTA is in English.

Facebook is in English and most awesome videos on YouTube are in English.

When I was younger I had really bad grades and it is embarrassing because my mom was asked to go to school and I was judged and criticized in English in front of my teacher.

My dad threatened once to beat the shit out of me if I have bad grades again.

My uncle grounded me from watching tv or playing on the computer.

I had poor English at school but I have lots of practice.

I was reading comic books and watching cartoons.

I tried practicing my favorite movie quotes.

When I was younger my cousin made fun of me for mispronouncing the word “vehicle” I said “fuck you! I get it!”

I’m afraid of getting judged.

As I got older I learned that it’s no big deal.

Wrong move?

Learn the right move.

Use the right move next time you’re in the same situation.

Sometimes we are traumatized by the mistake.

Sometimes I act like a drama queen.

As I was saying we all have ten years of English practice.

We should be really good at it.

In case we forgot a little practice will bring out all our seemingly forgotten knowledge.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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