Quitting English Lessons To Follow My Dreams

March 04, 2021 • written by

I received this message from one of my students:

Good day.I hope this message won’t cause you frustration as a mentor. But i think i’m not into it.I feel like I’m a frustrated singer who want to be a singer though i have all the time in the world to practice.It just it doesn’t sink into my system.Maybe my dream to be a caller center is just one of my dreams. I probably should move on and accept it. Anyway thank you and sorry if i’m a disappointment to you and to myself. I wish you and your team the best.I support you and your advocacy to help aspirants to be a successful center agent.I continue to watch your videos and subscribe.

I think it is too late for me.

I’m already 43 years old and the thing is i can’t even make the good english paragraph converting to good sentences.

Thank you.

– Dinoworld

Here’s my response:

Call center work has helped me and my friends achieve our dreams.

My friend became a professional comicbook artist.

My other friend started his own IT company.

My other friends saved money to buy a car and started a ride-share business.

The money I earned in a call center allowed me to pay for lessons and buy the gear needed to become a professional chef.

I also bough a nice Apple computer, paid for some good software, and online services.

I didn’t become a professional chef.

I made some money selling food though.

I earn money working from my computer.

I now work from anywhere.

Talking to people is an important skill.

People who can communicate well rise to the top.

Many talented people are stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy because they suck at communicating.

You mentioned that your goal is to become a singer.

90% of your work as a singer depends on communication skills.

You will be communicating with fans an patrons.

You’ll sell your CD.

You’ll invite people to visit your YouTube channel, Spotify and Soundcloud.

You’ll invite people to your live gig.

You’ll post promotional messages in your website and social media accounts.

You’ll sell your service to patrons, managers, sponsors, and other parties who can support you.

You’ll negotiate contracts, fees, perks, and terms.

A career as a singer is also a sales and customer service job.

The actual singing is less than 10% of your responsibilities.

There’s a reason why the entertainment industry is called showbiz.

Showbiz is short for “show business.”

Showbiz is a business of selling shows, tickets, media, and merchandise.

I manage a website of a school that offers dance lessons.

My boss in that job will probably give you the same advice that I’m giving you now.

If you’re quitting because you fail to learn a single dance step, then this isn’t the first time that you quit because you’re stuck.

The only reason you’re not a successful singer is the EXACT same reason why you are stuck with the writing assignment that we gave you.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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