How To Exit Call Center Work

September 13, 2015 • written by

I always see call center work as a stepping stone for bigger things.

Call center jobs are a good way for the average joe to earn a decent income and at the same time, develop the skills and resources needed to get started with what you’d like to do with your life.

I don’t encourage anyone to stay in the call center longer than ten years unless you aim to be the boss or you see it as your calling.

Call centers maybe pretty stable now but we always need to prepare for changes we will encounter in life as the only thing constant in this world is change.

Here are some examples of personal projects you can accomplish while working in a call center.

Finish college or send a sibling to college.

The main advantage of call center work is it provides a good amount of money for people who didn’t finish college to fund their education.

For some people, it’s to fund a sibling who will eventually assist the family in building resources to get out of poverty.

Please be sure to support siblings who are committed to assisting financially and not putting all your resources into a sibling who will just take your support and abandon you at the end or worse, will squander your resources.

Save money to start a business.

Many of us want to start a business.

Starting a small one requires money.

If you save enough you can start something small.

Sell one or two items of your product of choice.

If you gain experience, then customers then you can take your business to the next step, sell to more friends, sell online then establish a store.

Become a freelancer.

Call center work exposes you to customer service skills and sales skills.

You also pick up on how a big company runs their business.

This creates the opportunity to make money online through sites like Odesk or Fiverr.

Call center like jobs are open online.

The difference you get paid through PayPal or something like that.

There are risks, there are also rewards.

I don’t recommend switching here until you have enough money to fall back on in the event of slow business and clients who pay you regularly.

Begin collecting some investments.

If you save money you’ll have enough to collect investments like stocks bonds or index funds.

You want money to work for you.

Don’t just live your life working for money.

Start opening an account and fill it to your target amount.

Open another account for a different purpose.

My accounts are labeled “savings,” “investment,” “items,” “experience,” and “education” Build your accounts as needed.

Collect skills you will enjoy or benefit from.

With call center work, I was able to fund a collection of skills, cooking, baking, implementation of slow carb diet, implementation of the ketogenic diet, Crossfit, bodyweight exercises, cycling, user interface design, programming, and recently drawing.

I’m not sure what you’re in to but you can go for whatever that is with your call center income.

Build a small charity.

Giving back had always been a secret of successful people and one of the most fulfilling.

You can start a feeding program by purchasing a meal from Jollibee or a large pack of Sky Flakes some water and you’re good to go.

Don’t even think about maximizing your money as you’ll have the tendency to procrastinate.

There is one or two hungry people in the world and you can do something to feed them with a hundred bucks or so.

Jesus said what you do for the least of your brothers you do unto me.

You treat the lower like shit.

You see the suffering and feel nothing you’re no different from the church leaders who build mega fucking churches and have no effort in taking care of the poor.

Some people may say they deserve it.

They need to earn their keep.

That may be so but at one point I am and I’m bloody fucking sure you are too a recipient of a blessing you didn’t work for. Stop being a bitch.

Start a small collection.

I have a collection of cookware, the really nice ones like you see on TV, I have a small collection of old Apple gadgets, I recently lost my iPhone 6 but fuck it.

I had a small collection of bikes.

I have two, a high-performance mountain bike and a folding bike.

I have a collection of nice clothes and books.

My tip doesn’t spend all your money here.

It’s easy to lose all your money on gadgets.

I know.

I’ve been there.

Collect experiences.

Don’t just buy enviable things.

Spend money in experiences.

They are cheaper and are worth more in terms of happiness.


Climb a mountain.

Go to the beach with your friends.

Treat your family to dinner.

Pay for food for the person who gave you advice when you were down.

Now that we’ve discussed the fun stuff lets talk about the work involved.

Do your best to live under Php 7,000 a month.

I spend a hundred bucks on food and a hundred bucks on transportation.

I try to live under a hundred and allocate my income to my needs.

Don’t get into debt.

Debt is an easy thing to fall in to but difficult to dig out off.

Whenever you are computing for debt the math is always wrong that’s because your brain is tricking you and making you believe that you are getting free money.

You’re not.

Guess who’s getting free money?

The person who lends you money.

Get enough sleep.

Many bad decisions are made when someone lacks sleep.

Don’t fall victim to that. Have the energy to use your brain for something useful.

Use your free time wisely.

Use parts of your free time for fun and parts to doing the other project.

Set a time limit for games, tv ,and reading on the Internet.

I’m guilty of spending too much time doing that.

Determine your minimum target monthly income to live on.

Mine is six thousand.

I don’t see myself doing other things with that but that’s enough to feed myself.

Try making a small amount of money freelancing or selling something.

When you are making a little over your minimum target monthly income and have maybe six months reserve consider going part-time at your call center work, get a month or two-week unpaid leave the judge whether it is time to move forward with this new phase in your life.

I’d like to remind you.

Experience and skills are cheaper to acquire and worth exponentially more than purchasing enviable things like gadgets.

Also, your money is worth more if you have the ability to control where you do your work, what time you do your work and who you do your work with.

If you need further explanation think commute fare, commute hours, think schedule freedom and the ability to pick the people you deal with.

This is often a long term project but I encourage you to start a small step now. Pick one and play with it.

I’m here if you have questions.

To your success.


I am praying for your success. God bless!

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