Good Friends Boost English Skills

August 06, 2019 • written by

Do you have any friends or family members you can practice English with?

That’s the fastest way for me to improve my English.

That’s the best way for me to practice my English.

Writing is number two.

Because you can do it alone.

And you can do it anytime.

But that’s the thing…

The best way to get used to speaking in English is by speaking in English.

And it’s best to build experience of speaking in English with friends.

Instead of practicing on the call center the interviewer because each try costs money.

So when people ask me what’s the advice to improving their English.

My answer is the same.

I ask them how many people they know that they can call or visit to speak in English with?

It’s shocking to me.

Maybe I’m priveledged.

Maybe I’m extremely blessed.

Maybe I’m extremely lucky.

I have friends I can call.

I have more than one family member who will talk to me in English.

Some people tell me they have zero.

Single moms.

Young couples.

New college graduates.

People who didn’t finish college.

People who are stuck in a low paying job.

People who are jobless.

They have zero.

I ask them if they are anti-social and they have zero friends.

They tell me that they have lots of friends.

The most common answer that I receive is, I think my friends can practice with me but I don’t want to because if I make a mistake they will laugh at me.

You need to practice with another person who speaks better English than you.

I tell them.

Pay them if you have to.

Treat them to Mcdo or Starbucks and talk to them for an hour or so, if they’re a close friend try two hours.

Give something and get something in return.

Don’t be a parasite.

It’s not a very good long term strategy to be the kind of person who always asks for free stuff from other people.

When you go to the interview, you will be asked how you can give value in exchange for the salary but if you only have practice in receiving value and not giving any value back, you’ll have a very difficult time answering the “Why should I hire you?” question.

If you have friends who are willing to chat with you about TV shows, movies, games, life, drinking, love life and other topics, but not willing to help you practice in English….

You need new friends.

Those old friends are fake friends.

If they are not supporting you, they are weakening you.

They will keep you poor.

They will pull you down and keep you the way you are.

If your friends are undependable you need new friends.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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