Dream Job Formula

October 06, 2018 • written by

I have helped hundreds of people get hired in their dream job.

Not just call center work.

Some are legit, dream jobs and opportunities with high pay and/or enviable benefits.

Some are six figure income deals.

I also have thousands of people reject me or back out and stay working at low paying jobs or have stayed jobless for several years.

Here’s the reason.

I show them my dream job formula then they give up.

This is the dream job formula.

Dream Job Formula:

1 dream job 3 job offers 9 final interviews 27 interviews 81 proposals/resume sent or submitted 253 job openings reviewed

Let me explain.

To get three job offers, you need to reach the final interview nine times.

To get to nine final interviews, you’ll need to attend around 27 interviews.

To get your interviews, you need to submit your resume 81 times.

People back out because this takes work.

It’s a lot easier to complain about your situation and how hard it is to get a job than to actually meet 30 people to present them the opportunity to hire you.

But I don’t think it’s 100% their fault.

Many people are afraid because they don’t count.

They stopped using basic skills they learned at school.

If you spend two months applying, submit your resume to two companies so that’s twice a day you have sent 120 resumes.

You can do this in less than an hour a day.

Extra: My Job Hunting Statstics

When you get more experience or training from me, it will look more like this:

1 dream job 3 job offer 6 final interviews 16 interviews 40 proposals or resume sent or submitted. 120 job openings reviewed.

This is my statistics so your results may vary.

Either way, you’ll still be putting in the work.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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