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January 28, 2016 • written by

Warning: This lesson has some spoilers to the Deadpool movie and some profanity

Deadpool is my favorite comic book character.

In case you don’t know Deadpool you can just “Google Deadpool” and read his Wikipedia page.

Just to give you a background.

Deadpool is a character from Marvel Comics.

Deadpool is mercenary Wade Wilson a mercenary with fast healing and one of the few comic book characters who know that he is a comic book character.

Deadpool’s comics often has a combination of comedy, violence, drama and surprised from the real world.

Often Deadpool either talks to the audience as a narrator or talks about stuff from the real world like iPhones and TV shows.

Deadpool is known to have defeated everyone in the Marvel Comicbook universe despite not being the strongest or fastest or smartest.

Deadpool is an average hero who has taken advantage of his natural gifts exceptionally well.

Here are some lessons from Deadpool.

Don’t take anything seriously.


Don’t take anything seriously.

Many of the things you worry about don’t happen.

If you are serious you are prone to worrying and fear of failure.

If you approach life with a playful attitude you will be relaxed and you can find a way to solve or sidestep your problems.

You have two options laughter or tears.

I recently read X-Men Origins Deadpool.

Deadpool is known as the Merc with a Mouth who is notorious for cracking often corny jokes or wise-ass comments in battle.

When asked by an interviewer why he became like this and I quote.

“When you’re confronted with a horrible situation there are only two reactions that make sense: Laughter or tears. And laughter, after all, is nature’s anesthesia and tears hurt too much.”

Know you’re a character in a story.

Deadpool knows he is a character in a story.

Which is why often when he’s in an overwhelming situation, I see him take a step back and talk to the audience or talk about something not related to a story.

This life is one big game that has a good number of mini-games.

You have your job, your family, your finances, your goals and so on.

All at which point you can take a break from whenever you find yourself caught up in and come back to as soon it again.

Ready or feel like it again.

Stand up after you fall down.

Because of Deadpool’s healing factor he just keeps coming back.

You see Deadpool go down after taking a hit, he regenerates and comes back.

In real life, you don’t need superpowers or a healing factor.

Many of the things we don’t worry about are not fatal.

You can recover from failure.

You can recover from weakness.

You can recover from that failed interview.

Despite that, you can always come back.

After enough failures, you’ll figure out what works. In fact, Alan Watts said, and I paraphrase

“A foolish man who insists in his folly is on his way to becoming a very wise man.”

Find and exploit a weakspot.

As I was saying, after taking a hit and going down Deadpool comes back and finds a weak spot he defeats stronger or smarter heroes and villains.

Use technology.

Not many superheroes or villains use guns.

Deadpool does.

Deadpool also uses a teleport device from the future, an iPhone, Google Maps and the internet.

You should too.

We live in a world where a lot of knowledge is on the net.

You should take advantage of that.

Don’t be limited by technology.

Deadpool also uses swords, knives and his bare hands.

Sometimes the basics work better than high tech stuff.

I use a pen and a notebook often.

I often find myself writing my posts and lessons manually.

Sure I use an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook but I’m not limited by it.

I often find myself just using pen , and paper for important things I need to remember later.

Use other universes as a reference.

In the previous lesson, I said that Deadpool uses the internet.

He also talks about non-Marvel related things like unrelated movies, Star Wars and so on. Lessons are transferable.

If you’re good at something you can translate it into whatever you’re doing.

If you want to succeed in call center work there are elements from your past job and school work that can make you awesome at call center work such as time management, prioritization and so on.

Alternatively call center work can also be transferred over to when you start a business in the future like selling, customer service, troubleshooting, money management, time management and so on.

Success is transferable, just identify the elements and ask yourself how you can you make it work in the new field.

Make your weakness your strength.

In the Deadpool Movie trailer, Deadpool said.

“You want to know why the red suit? That’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed”

There’s also a scene where before a big fight, Deadpool realizes that he forgot his bag full of guns. His response will inspire you to brave life’s difficulties like a badass motherfucker. And I quote:

God damn it! I’m gonna do this the old fashioned way… with two swords and maximum effort. Cue the music.

Deadpool know’s he’s not perfect.

He also takes hits. Deadpool, however, takes advantage of what he has and just stay’s as himself.

Death and Life.

In Deadpool and Thanos. Death and Life are personified as characters.

Death as Lady Death or Mistress Death, Deadpool’s love interest and life as the character Eternity who looks like the entire universe painted on a human body.

Deadpool fights and beats Thanos the mad titan and big bad of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy in this story.

What stuck to me is what Deadpool said after the battle.

“Without Death, Life takes itself for granted. Without wondering how to best live our lives, we forget to appreciate the grandeur and beauty that is..well.. you, Eternity.”

I’ve lived my life avoiding problems, failure, pain, loss , and death.

To the point that I’ve forgotten the reality that everything is temporary.

I’ve avoided opportunities and shrunk from fun challenges because I’m afraid of the possibility of failure.

I’ve lived my life avoiding the negative.

Here’s the thing.

Negative is part of life.

Sure, be positive but accept the fact that you’ll encounter the negative.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s what makes things complete.

You can’t know success without failure.

So if someone offers you something that’s perfect.

The guy is likely trying to lie to you to get your money.

As I was saying, be positive, meet the negative and move on.

Have fun with it.

Thank you for reading this lesson.

Whether you’re a Deadpool fan or not, I hope you picked up something useful or had some fun or both.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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