Count Your Blessings

March 04, 2018 • written by

People who know themselves have the advantage over people who don’t.

Two examples:

1. In an interview, when I was new at applying, I always had to think of an answer.

My natural response to most things are negative.

When I was asked to describe the Philippines to an American the first images that came to mind are:

  1. Squatters.
  2. Snatchers
  3. Traffic.
  4. Corruption.

Don’t go here.

People are going to rob you one way or another and your experience is going to suck.

As a result, I couldn’t say anything nice in my interview.

I found out later that it was easier to get to the next stage of the recruitment process if you planned for your interviews.

In my experience, I found out that when I wrote things down, I can think of an answer.

If I study my answer and give it some time, I could think of a better answer.

I can keep redoing my answer on paper and it will keep getting better.

I probably have written my introduction a few hundred times until I came up with:

“My name is Kevin. I live in Parañaque and I spend my free time reading and collecting new skills from the internet. I went ahead and applied here because my friends keep telling me I would do well in a job that involves talking to people.”

I’d probably have a better answer if I try to write it again but you probably already get the idea.

2. When I go out and hang out with someone new, I ask them to tell me stuff about them. They usually have no answer.

When I ask them what they’re interested in, it’s usually vague, unclear or they’re unable to express themselves.

As a result I’m usually bored.

Alternatively, people who have an answer to my getting to know you questions are a hundred times more interesting to me.

It’s the same in an interview situation.

I’ve been interviewed, I’ve also interviewed people.

Let me teach you something really cool.

Get your notebook.

Answer the following questions.

  1. Where do you live?
  2. What is your educational attainment?
  3. What kind of device or computer are you reading this from?
  4. How did you eat today? Where did you get your food?
  5. Who are the people who are helping you?
  6. What good things happened to you today?
  7. What two or three skills are you good at that not everybody has?
  8. What disasters have you survived and recovered from in your life?

Write each one down.

Now think for a moment.

Be grateful.

Be thankful.

Feel the joy.


Now at this point answer the following questions.

What are your advantages?

What opportunities are open for you?

What resources can you use to move forward?

How have you become a better person?

If you participated in this activity, you should have a few pages of notes already.

Now if you get asked to tell someone about your self, do you imagine yourself giving a positive answer?

Do you imagine yourself as someone who has solutions to problems?

Do you now see yourself as someone who “can do what it takes to succeed?”

If your answer is yes, congratulations.

The practice of always counting your blessings trains your mind to identify, advantages, opportunities, and people that will help you win.

People who are successful do this all the time.

When you start doing this, your life will get better.

Check out my other articles and put the lessons together.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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