Worst Popular Advice to Learning English

April 27, 2020 • written by

Are you frustrated because you followed the most common advice but still failed to get a call center job?

You already read a lot of books.

You already saw a lot of movies.

You are still not good at speaking in English.

You followed the advice and read English books and watch English movies and still didn’t get good results.

Unfortunately, it is not your fault.

Consuming English media is thoughtless advice from someone who doesn’t really care about you.

Sometimes you receive this advice from someone who cares about you but just copied this advice from someone who doesn’t care.

My first encounter with this advice is from a time my English teacher was hungover and just let us watch a random English film so she can sleep in the back and spend the rest of the time finishing computing our grades.

This advice is popular because it works on children.

Here’s some bad news.

You are not a child.

Second reason consuming English media is bad advice.

The advice is not even specific.

What English movies or shows should you watch and what books should you read?

In management, they teach us that vague instructions means failure specific instructions means success.

Do this instead:

1. Speak in English

I got better in English because I had conversations in English with people who can speak in English well.

2. Write in English

When I don’t have access to someone who’s good at speaking in English, I write on my journal.

When I was younger, I typed my thoughts, ideas, goals and plans on our family’s computer.

Now we all have smart phones and access to a computer so we don’t have any excuse.

• I practiced until I can introduce myself well. • I practiced until I can ask questions comfortably. • I practiced until I can give specific step by step instructions. • I practiced until I can tell good stories.

You need to practice until you can express yourself well.

That’s because call center work involves introducing yourself, asking questions, giving instructions and telling stories.

It’s not about hacks and tricks and finding good interview answers.

It’s about developing your skills until you can communicate clearly and confidently.

The best part is learning these skills will allow you to get a job in many different fields.

But that’s for another lesson.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.




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