How to Create a Clothing Schedule and Save Your Time

May 31, 2019 • written by

Here’s a lesson that changed my life.

Do you ever worry about what to wear and you spend some time looking for clothes and things to bring to work?

Call center work doesn’t require much.

Wear your clothes.

Bring your wallet and phone.

Maybe bring tissue, wet wipes.

Bring your house keys.

If you have the means, bring a home-prepared meal and snack.

That’s it.

But if you struggle with what you wear, and go around your room deciding and this happens more than once a week, you are literally throwing your life away.

If you have this problem, your performance at work is suffering.

Some people say buti na maganda wag lang late.

Well, those people get fired.

Lucky for you.

I have a solution.

It’s called a clothing schedule.

Why you should invest time in creating a clothing schedule.

If you invest a few hours thinking about what to wear once.

And you follow the schedule.

You are done.

CEO’s of big companies do it.

They don’t waste their day thinking about what to wear.

They have more important things to spend their mental resources.

Steve Jobs of Apple computer.

Black turtleneck. Jeans. Nike sneakers.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Gray shirt. Jeans. Sneakers.

Barack Obama. Former President of the United States of America.

Black suit with either a white or blue shirt.


It saves time.

It frees up your brain to make better decisions.

If you want the full use of your mind, you want to create systems for small decisions so if you have to make important decisions, you are available and fully present.

How do you create a clothing schedule?

What do you wear in a day?

You have your shirt.

You have your pants.

You have your underwear.

You have your socks.

You have your shoes.

What are you wearing for Monday?

What are you wearing for Tuesday?

What are you wearing for Wednesday?

What are you wearing for Thursday?

What are you wearing for Friday?

Let’s just do five days a week.

You’re free to wear anything on the weekends.

That’s it.

Invest a few hours to write down a schedule.

Then follow your schedule.

Start with work clothes.

When you are done, include gym clothes and lounge (pambahay) clothes.

What are the benefits of following a clothing schedule if you work in a BPO or call center?

If you save an hour a day…

You save five hours a week…

You save thirty hours a month…

You save three hundred sixty-five hours a year.

If you stay in a call center for three years you save a total of 1,100 hours three years.

That’s 46 days.

Or seven weeks.

A full month and a half that you can spend better that you would have otherwise spent looking for something or deciding that you want to wear.

You go to the closet and okay.

I’ll wear this, this and this.

Go to the shower, then get dressed.

Then, leave and no problem.

You have time for breakfast.

If you have more time to sleep, your performance will be better at work.

Here’s a template that I use. You can make a copy.

You’re welcome.

Click here to copy my clothing schedule template.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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