Thoughts on Career Advancement

February 16, 2016 • written by

I’ve been thinking about my career lately and as I remember my wins and my losses I think about the lessons I picked up over the years. 

1. Take care of your body.

It’s your primary tool for success.

I notice that successful and effective people sleep right, eat healthily and exercise.

If I’m not doing all three I’m about to make a lot of wrong decisions. 

2. Always think of your own benefit first.

Sacrificing your self for the benefit of others I found out works to your disadvantage.

I know you have people in your life that you consider more valuable than yourself.

I admire that.

I feel that.

I’m just saying that if you take care of your self first you become more qualified to take care of others. 

3. Be loyal to yourself and not the company you work for.

When you get hired for a job always think of how to jump to the next job.

It could be a higher job within your company or a better paying job somewhere else.

This sounds mercenary but after you improve your pay and spend on your own upgrades, you can serve your employer and the people around you better.

It’s not totally a waste.

Don’t ever stay at a job for Utang Na Loob.

It never ends well whenever I do it. 

4. Upgrade yourself consistently.

Buy and read books, attend courses to learn skills, pay for them whenever you can.

Investing in yourself is the best investment.

Your mind and your body is what makes dreams a reality.

Not that gadget or wishful thinking.

The successful people in the world self educate. 

5. Build a network.

I’m supposed to say volt in but that’s too geeky.

That simply means you have a group of allies to call on for help and knowledge.

Help them, invest in them help them as they helped you.

I have a comic book artist friend and he is teaching me how to draw.

He doesn’t charge me money but I do my best to return the favor.

I buy him food and supplies as a token of my thanks. 

6. Practice gratitude.

In other words, count your blessings.

The more aware you are of what you have, the more opportunities you have to offer your skills and services to others.

This enables you to know yourself and once you know exactly what you can do you have more power to do the things that you want.

When that happens you become more valuable.

As you learn more you can earn more. 

7. Write things down.

Keep a journal of your progress.

Write down your breakthroughs everyday.

Write down your victories.

Write down the lessons that you learned.

Write down your problems and the solutions.

Writing things down and seeing things on paper enables you to understand your decisions.  

8. Do things that inspire you

The more inspired you are the more energy you have.

Often the win goes to the person with more energy.

My energy level is high when my activity involves a cute girl.

That’s just how I am so I take advantage of that.  

9. Don’t rush.

Insisting that you accomplish things now when the truth is that the activity or process takes time will often result in bad decisions that will bite you in the ass later.

That’s how people die in car accidents.

Avoid rushing in anything.

I recently learned that if you rush you only gain 3-5% speed improvement.

If you relax you still get there maybe 5-10% slower but so what?

You’re not exhausted in the process.

If you’re not a professional racer you shouldn’t be rushing anything.  

10. Don’t take things too seriously.

Everything is a game.

Whenever you find yourself caught up in the game you are playing you always have the option to pause or quit.

There is often very little consequence for taking a break.

After you have rested and are relaxed you can try again.

Then you will be relaxed and playful which also means creative and in a lot of ways more effective than those stressed motherfuckers.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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