Advantages of Writing on Paper and Computer

June 09, 2020 • written by

My students and readers often ask me:

“Should I do my writing activities on paper, or should I type them on my computer?”

Writing using a pen and paper and typing BOTH have their advantages and disadvantages.

Should I write on paper or a Computer?

Short Answer: Do both.

Write on paper when you’re outside or don’t have access to a computer.

If you experience mental block on the computer, write on paper.

If you experience mental block while writing on paper, write on your computer.

Encode your writing on your computer.

Edit your writing on a computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing on Paper

Writing on paper is a quick, cheap, and fast way to transfer your thoughts.

Advantages of writing on paper:

When I write something by hand, the creative part of my brain activates sooner.

I notice that my ideas flow smoother on paper than on the computer.

I also remember everything I’ve written by hand.

This is called kinesthetic memory.

If I need to memorize anything, I often just write what I need to remember multiple times, and I’m able to memorize long passages.

Writing is also quick and easy.

You don’t need to wait for your computer to start up or wait for a writing program or a notes app to load before you begin writing.

That’s the reason why I always carry a small notebook with me.

I also always have a big pad paper on my work desk.

When I write on paper with big fonts, my confidence increases.

When I write using “One Sentence Paragraphs,” my writing feels more natural.

I also bring a big notebook or notepad with me when I’m working outside.

I always write on paper first.

And the most important things that I write get encoded on my computer.

Writing and editing on paper tends to get messy.

The most time-consuming activity that I do when writing on paper is whenever I need to make a significant change to my writing, I have to rewrite everything.

Here are some disadvantages to writing on paper.

Disadvantages of writing on paper:

Writing on a Computer

Writing on a computer is my preferred method for longer-form writing.

I use paper to pull out my ideas and use the computer to organize my thoughts and create the final version until I’m 100% happy with what I’ve written.

Advantages of Writing on the Computer:

When you write on your computer, it is easier to organize, format, and edit your writing.

You can replace text when you find an error or simply change your mind.

You can change the fonts and make some text as big or as small as you need it to be.

You can move the text around and effortlessly organize your thoughts.

You can repeatedly edit the text to make your writing easier to understand.

You can make multiple versions of your writing so you can adapt your stories for different situations.

You can send the writing to your friends or us, and the text will be easier to read.

You can print the text and bring it with you.

Writing on a computer also helps increase your typing speed.

As you may already know, increasing your typing speed helps with call center qualifications.

It makes working on a computer easier overall.

My current typing speed is faster than my writing speed, so I can finish writing a longer text on a computer than on paper.

Disadvantages of Writing on a Computer:

Solutions to Problems Writing on Paper and Computers

Here are some solutions that I’ve used over the past few years.

I have developed the habit of scanning my notes, so I always have a copy in case the paper gets lost or ruined.

When I’m writing on my computer or my smartphone, I turn off the internet to avoid distractions.

I disconnect my computer from the internet.

I also turn off all the notifications on my smartphone or keep the phone inside my bag.

This is the only way I can keep writing for an extended period without being distracted.

You Can Use Your Smartphone’s Camera to Scan Your Writing:

Scanning your writing creates a quick backup to your notes.

I wrote tips on how to scan your writing

You don’t own a computer borrow or rent.

You can practice resourcefulness.

This is what I did to write without a computer.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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