Basic Call Center Job Application Requirements

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The call center industry is an equal opportunity employer.

Recruiters working for call centers don’t care if you’re tall, short, fat, thin, rich or poor or whatever.

As long as you pass the call center job application requirements, you will get hired.

Call center hiring managers are only interested if you can get the job done.

If you can prove in a call center interview that you can do the work, you are guaranteed to land a job at the company.

That’s all you need to remember about getting hired in a call center.

Call Center Job Application Requirements:

Conversational English Skills.

Having good communication skills are required for the job.

You’ll be talking mostly in English so you better polish up this skill.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

You will be reading from a script most of the time.

Your English just needs to be good enough for small talk, asking questions, explaining your process, giving directions, and telling short stories.

Avoid making pronunciation errors like B and V, P and F, and finally,TH sounds. We have several exercises on this call center tips website.

You can check out the top 100 used words in the English Language and check your pronunciation.

Practice with a friend who works in a call center or is good at speaking in English.

Think in English so you don’t need to translate before you speak.

Read in English, Write in English, Pray in English and Speak in English whenever you can. The more you do this the easier it is for you.

Speaking in English is like growing a muscle.

More exercise, more growth.

Willing to work night shifts and graveyard shifts.

Many call center companies work for clients in the United States.

The usual work schedule is the opposite of Philippine Time.

When I worked in a Call Center we followed Eastern Standart Time.

Some of the shifts I’ve taken starts at 8pm, 1am, 2am and 4am Manila time.

It’s a little difficult to adjust to.

As long as you have discipline and you can say no to distractions and invitations this shouldn’t be a problem.

Leave the house and arrive at your workplace an hour earlier if you haven’t done so yet.

Can start immediately.

Call Center companies want to hire agents immediately.

Despite the advantages, A lot of people quit call center work. Some for personal reasons and some for better job offers.

That said reputable call center companies are always hiring and they need to hire agents immediately.

They want a call center agent who can start as soon as they can because call center recruiters have deadlines to fill with their accounts with a specific number of agents.

An unfilled position is bad for their business so they want to hire agents fast.

18 years old up to around 50plus.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit when it comes to age requirements.

You might feel you’re too young or too old but like I said, you can prove to your interviewer that you can do the job, you are good as hired.

Can use a computer.

Technical skills are an advantage but just so you don’t get confused, call center companies don’t require you to be really good with a computer.

You just need to navigate or know how to use one.

Basic Computer Skills Required for a Call Center Agent Position:

Most of the time, you’ll be working from a phone line attached to a computer.

High School Graduate and up

Several reputable call center companies that I know are open to hiring high school graduates and people who didn’t finish college.

There are some call center companies that require two years or a degree because of client requirements but there aren’t a lot of them.

Sometimes the college requirement can be bypassed by call center experience with US or UK clients and working in a difficult account.

A college education isn’t as big of a deal today than it did in the past so it shouldn’t be an obstacle to you getting hired in a call center.

Many of my friends used call center companies as an income source to pay for college so that option is available for you.

Just don’t tell them you plan to work while studying.

If your interviewer asks about it tell them you need to save money then after one to two years you might be taking classes.

Here are the requirements to getting hired in a call center.

Whatever else you have to offer is a plus.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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