How To Have an Awesome Year Working in a Call Center

January 06, 2014 • written by

I’ve written tips on how to get hired and I’ve been getting a lot of reports that they are now hired in a call center.

I’m sure you’ve realized the job is easy after you’ve done it a few times.

You only need to deliver the script well and complete the task faster over time.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your work there.

1. Get enough sleep.

Many people who start to work in the call center believe that they can live two lives and run with just two hours of sleep.

They are wrong and it’s not a good idea to believe them.

If you lack sleep your reaction time is much slower and your ideas will suck.

If you lack sleep you will hate your life and fuck up your job which will eventually lead you to getting fired.

2. Make sure you have healthy eating habits.

Just have a little less rice and carbohydrates.

Add some protein and vegetables to your food.

Have fresh ones.

80% of new agents get eliminated from their job within the first year.

Interestingly enough 80% of people in a call center eat all their meals in a fast food place or they eat fried foods at a karinderya.

If you don’t know how to cook, learn how to or have someone make your food for you, if you don’t have these options available get an eatery you can trust and buy your vegetables and protein from there.

3. Avoid bad habits.

There’s a saying that only the strongest survive.

The smart survive’s too.

If you go to a call center building you will see people who smoke.

Some are regular agents some are in high positions.

If you get hired you’ll really meet people who’ve been there for a few years and drinking after shift and not getting enough rest then they must have superhuman bodies.

I know I don’t and I won’t push mine to the limit.

I’m avoiding drinking and smoking so I can maintain a healthy body, not to live long or anything but so I’m strong enough and have the energy to do what I want.

It’s not always a mind over body thing, you need to take care of your body because it’s the car you drive to do the things that you want.

If someone gives you a Ferrari you won’t try to make it run on cooking oil right?

I’m not going to try to convince you further I’m not your boyfriend.

4. Save money.

The money you make in a call center is a bit more generous than what most companies pay for starters so you need to take care of it.

You don’t need to throw it all the way after payday.

You don’t need to buy all those trash like shoes and clothes and gadgets which you’ll toss in the bin in 3-5 years.

Don’t get yourself a Php 2,000 iPhone plan or unlimited data because you’ll be paying a good chunk of money to see what your friends are posting wherever you go and if you work in a call center chances are you will lose your nice phone anyway because you are doing something stupid.

Have fifty to a few hundred grand in the bank.

Buy some insurance and investments.

Build an emergency fund.

Think of how you’ll pay the hospital if ever your mom or dad gets confined for a month.

If you don’t have it you need at least 50 grand burial money for each of them if they’re still alive.

Think of the desperation you’ll experience if you don’t have money.

That should be enough to bring you to reality.

You’ll meet people who’ll say, live for the day and spend everything because I have a ten grand check every payday.

They’re the ones who beg me for money for burial money because they couldn’t afford to buy medicine or something then disappear after you’ve given me money.

Be smart.

If everybody’s spending on something don’t be in a rush to buy it.

It’s a fad.

A fad is something you forget in time.

I spend Php 150 per day.

I give myself Php 250 per day.

I allocate Php 1,000 a week for groceries.

I give God his cut and toss all my remaining money in a separate bank account for savings and budget to buy investments and spend the rest I have on hand on whatever the hell I like.

It’s a simple and genius system I use to make sure I have budget done without computing that much.

A student can do this really well.

I did and so can you.

5. Avoid overspending.

The important reason is to go back to number 4 and read it again.

Having a nice income is not an excuse to be irresponsible and to throw your money away.

It’s not unlimited.

I wish you all the best but like all humans on this planet bad things will happen to you and you will need money to assist.

In the end it is you and God who will solve your problems but you also need money to assist.

Money is like sun in plants vs zombies you can use it to buy plants.

Money is like chakra in Naruto you can use it to cast ninja techniques like moving faster and a whole bunch of things.

Use it wisely.

6. Count your blessings.

By nature humans are ungrateful.

Kids are ungrateful to parents.

Employees ungrateful for their jobs.

Employers ungrateful for the support they get from their workers and so on.

If you’re ungrateful you will hate what you have even if it’s fucking awesome.

You will call a Ferrari a piece of trash.

We live in a time where the technology is a bazillion times better than our grandparent’s parents.

We don’t fucking starve to death.

In fact there are more cases of death from overeating.

The Philippines is a poor country and is now have a dramatically rising amount of obese people and iPhone and Android users.

We also now have Korean signature brands.

Look at your life.

I’ll tell you what happened to mine.

Not to brag but to put things in perspective.

I lost all my money to depression.

I had a life-changing event because my friend’s dad died and I couldn’t cough up enough money to assist.

I worked in a call center and worked on saving money.

I ate Putchero with a whole dead earthworm in a karinderya and swore to learn how to cook.

I got called fat by one of my dates then I went to the gym once a week and got a better-shaped body.

I got better at learning how to cook and saving money and I went to travel to a few nearby locations and enjoyed myself.

I made a whole bunch of friends in the process and I now believe I can craft the life I want without needing a bazillion dollars to do so with just a little patience and creativity.

Count your blessings.

You can die tomorrow.

Someone important to you can die tomorrow.

Don’t waste your chance.

Have an awesome year with these six tips.

It took me a few years to learn this.

I’ll say it again.

Don’t waste it.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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