Lessons From My Grab Ride With Another Super Agent

July 24, 2019 • written by

On my way home, I booked a grab.

I got to talk to the driver because he told me he lived in the same area as me.

I have the habit of asking people about their old job before their current job.

I asked him about his story.

How he got into the Grab business.

He said he bought his car cash.

And that the car we were on is the second car.

He used his call center salary to save for two Toyota Vios.

Both cars were paid in cash.

So he has very little.

He worked for Teletech in Mall of Asia for seven years.

He also lives in Parañaque.

He was a super agent.

A top performer like myself.

We talked about how newbies are always side-barged with us.

We talked about how things worked at his call center.

Super Agent Secret

I asked him what the secret to his success is.

He told me he went to work, two and sometimes four hours early.

Some days, he stayed long after his shift was over.

He spent a lot of time, studying the tools.

He spent a lot of time studying the rules of the company.

He used his personal time to make himself the most knowledgable person about the account.

Those Wikipedia like programs that they allow you to read for reference.

He studies and reviews those on a regular basis.

I never did.

He’s probably better than me.

I tried to master the spiel part.

I spent my free time mastering what to say and how to say it.

But I always asked the Team Lead for the rules.

And he/she explained it to me.

But I didn’t spend time understanding the rules that much.

But I guess, if I did, I might have performed better.

And made more money.

I studied other things that allowed me to resolve almost all customer concerns.

I studied workarounds.

I found rules that I can easily break that would make the customer happy at the cost of maybe two minutes penalty to my AHT.

Zero spend for clients.

I just made the customer happy.

But that’s the secret behind it.

It’s a lot of study and practice.

And aiming to be the best.

Instead of being just another face in the crowd.

Call center companies pay performers.

They want people who do the job.

And for people who do the job well.

You can be rewarded.

If you have what it takes.


On your journal, write down the topics that you should be studying but aren’t spending time on.

Question to ponder:

What lesson or skill, that if you study would make your career a lot easier?

What is the consequence of not having that skill right now?

What is stopping you from simply learning that skill?

“The problem with having a perfectly reasonable excuse is that the excuse does not solve the problem” – Jordan Peterson

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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