Questions That Made Me a Top Performer

July 13, 2019 • written by

I put together a list of questions to ask my team leader before the end of the training.

I didn’t ask him directly at the end.

I was trying to figure out what the answers were based on the conversation.

Then on the final day of the training, I decided to ask the following questions.

What are the top five most difficult calls?

What are the top five longest calls?

What are the top five shortest calls?

What are the top five easiest calls?

I wrote down the answers.

I wrote down the situations.

I wrote down, how the customer usually expresses the problem.

Then I discussed the possible solutions with the training professional.

When I got assigned to my team, I did the same thing.

I asked the team leader the same questions.

When I made friends on the production floor, I collected answers from the people I met.

I just simplified the question.

What’s the most difficult call for you?

What’s the longest call that you had?

What’s the shortest call you had?

What’s the easiest call you had.

I usually only asked one question at a time.

I’d write the question down, and ask my team leader how they’d approach the problem.

I’d also ask top agents and top performers how they’d approach a situation.

I have twenty or thirty types of calls that I can master.

If I learned how to handle these kinds of calls well, call center life will be easy for me.

If I don’t every day will be hell.

Blessings are only good if you are prepared.

If you are not prepared, you just end up hating God because all he gives you are problems.

What the hell do I do with this giant four-legged animal with horns God?

Answer: You kill it and eat it.

I try to solve the problems on paper.

Then I study my solution.

I study my script or my spiel.

If a customer is angry or upset, what can I say to make them feel better?

I’d write this down.

I would take note of words that offended or triggered negative emotions of the customer.

The fat lady next to me kept screaming to the customer.

“No Maam. I can’t do that.”

I always tell the customer.

“I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Let me see what I can do from my end. I’ll do my best to assist you.”

I’d place the call on hold for forty seconds.

Ask a TL about it.

The request gets rejected.

“I’m back. I did submit a request for you and my supervisor is reviewing it. For now, we’re just waiting for feedback. I really hope things work out. But just in case, the request doesn’t get approved. What we can do instead is…(PROVIDES ALTERNATE SOLUTION)”

Customer asks for a supervisor.

“Kevin is the most helpful representative that I have talked to in years. Everybody should be like him.”

Said the customer.

This happens to me every week.

I always write down the script to different situations.

I ask myself, how can I make this better.

I imagine a scene with Iron Man.

Where Robert Downy Jr. who plays Tony Stark.

Is tinkering with the Iron Man armor.

He inspects all the pieces to see how it works.

Then he finds a small part that gets replaced with a better part.

So little by little, Iron Man gets stronger.

In the first movie, Iron Man can only fight normal Tanks and Planes.

In the second movie, Iron Man can beat super robots.

In Avengers, he fought the god of thunder himself and won against super-strong aliens with advanced weapons.

In the second Avengers, he beat Ultron.

In end game, he fought the mad titan Thanos.

I’m always doing that.

When I’m working in a call center, I’m always doing that to my spiels and scripts.

I’m always thinking about the worst-case scenario and coming up with a plan to prepare for it.

If I don’t have a plan, I ask people smarter than me.

I’m always trying to do this.

To my scripts.

To my habits.

To my life.

Which of my friends should I stop seeing?

Which of my friends should I see more?

What kind of friends would make me a better person?

Where do I meet those kinds of people.

What activities do I do that ruin my day?

Smoking is one of them.

Going out drinking with friends do some damage to my life.

So I stopped that too.

I look at problems.

One part at a time.

Then I fix the small parts.

I became top agent doing this.

I designed and built my life doing this.

I got my dream job and my dream income doing this.

So this is how I approach most problems.

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