Write Using One Sentence Paragraphs

August 31, 2019 • written by

I believe that using one sentence paragraphs will improve your communication skill as it did mine.

I realized last year that if I keep my paragraph size to one sentences, writing becomes 1,000 times easier.

So I use a one sentence paragraph all the time.

I keep my writing with one sentence paragraphs.

It makes writing easier.

I write one sentence per line.

Then I edit.

Does the sentence make sense?

Does the sentence sound good?

Does the sentence sound the same way that I talk?

Can I make the sentence shorter?

Are there words that I can remove?

Are there technical terms that I can simplify or explain in a simple way?

Have I removed the following vague or unspecific words?

You will benefit greatly from being as specific as possible.

That’s because you end up not leaving anything to interpretation and be able to say exactly what you want to say.

One sentence paragraphs make it extremely easy for me find errors and fix.

I can easily compose.

If I’m writing on paper, one sentence parage makes it easy for me to fix something.

If I’m writing on the computer, editing and moving text around becomes really easy.

It also makes it easy to make a topic longer or shorter.

If I’m trying to understand a topic that I don’t understand, I copy the article, lesson or message to a text editor and convert the text into a one text paragraph.

This is a practice that I’ve been doing to my newer lessons.

Adding space between the sentence.

This lesson is written in a one sentence paragraph format.


Using a one sentence paragraph format, rewrite the following on your notebook:

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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