The Weekly Mini-Challenges

March 05, 2019 • written by

My suggestion, print out four copies of this guide and post one on the wall next to your bed, one next to your computer, take one with you all the time and the other is a back up copy.

Here are the mini-challenges (you do not have to do all of these, just pick one per week):

  1. Adding healthy things:
  1. Changing your approach:
  1. Cutting out unhealthy habits (look at what you do now, and set a target that’s lower):
  1. Hardcore stuff (a few people asked for some suggestions):

If it sounds easy and you’re already used to speaking in English, try the 7-Day English Only Challenge.

Not every change listed above for everyone. Find changes that feel right to you, as I know not everyone agrees with everything I’ve listed.

What is healthy for you will be different than what is healthy for me. I believe in a Carnivore diet (out of compassion for humans) and try to eat whole foods as much as I can (but not religiously). That doesn’t mean you have to do that.

The one thing I believe is in trying to get foods that are full of nutrients — beef, lamb, organ meats and eat less of the foods that are mostly empty of nutrients (processed foods, white bread and sugar, fried foods). Again, you don’t have to be religious about it — I eat cookies and French fries just like most normal people!

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Always remember that if I can do it, you can do it too.

Successful people are willing to experience temporary discomfort and do difficult activities that unsuccessful people are NOT willing to do so that they are able to build the life and enjoy benefits that unsuccessfull people will never have.

I am always praying for your success.

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