My name is Kevin.

I live in Parañaque.

I used to work in Makati.

My previous job was in sales.

I spend my free time writing.

I enjoy going to the gym.

I lift weights to get stronger.

If I have no equipment, I practice calisthenics.

I practiced CrossFit.

I also took boxing classes so I can get more cardio.

I enjoy riding my bike.

I watch a lot of movies and TV shows.

I also like anime and J-Pop idols.

I have two dogs.

My first dog is a Shih-Tzu.

My second dog is the son of my first dog.

My second dog’s mom is a poodle.

I buy a lot of pens and notebooks.

I like Apple computers and iPhones.

I read a lot of books about how to improve myself.

I eat mostly beef.

I make steak, hamburgers and bulalo.

I have three bikes.

My first bike is an orange folding bike.

My second bike is a black and yellow mountain bike.

I got my second bike from my best friend.

My third bike is a gray fixed gear bike.

I also bought a bike trailer.

The bike trailer allowed me to transport heavy groceries and laundry during the lockdown.

I’m not perfect.

I grew up with a lot of problems.

I have a lot of character flaws.

I solved a lot of my personal problems by writing in my notebook.

My first job involves working in the mall.

I only got paid six thousand a month.

I enjoy watching anime.

I’m facinated by building websites.

I got a lot of succcess when I began writing.

I write about a lot of different topics.

When I worked in sales, I learned to write about my goals.

When I worked in an IT company, I learned to document processes.

When I became a project manager, I learned to write instructions.

When I started blogging, I began writing about my interests.

I enjoy teaching.

When I was in grade school, I was teaching my friends how to play games.

When I was in high school, I learned to teach some martial arts.

When I was in college, I taught my friends and family members how to use the computer.

Early in my career, I’ve had part-time work teaching English.

When I began working, I taught my coworkers how to sell.

Many of my sales jobs involve teaching.

I teach my clients about what I’m selling.

I teach my prospects what, how and where to buy.

When I began working as a professional writer, I develped my patience to read a lot of material.

I learned to expand the ideas.

I learned to organize thoughts into paper or a word document.

I learned how to cook when I was 25.

I know how to make different egg dishes.

I know how to prepare salad.

I know how to cook steak.

I know how to make pasta.

I know how to make pizza.

I also know how to make dessert.

I know how to make panna cotta.

I know how to bake cheesecake.

I played a lot of video games growing up.

I like strategy and RPG games.

I also enjoy fighting games.

I’m left handed.

I enjoy learning new skills.

I got to where I am because I invested in a lot of books.

I also paid for a lot of training.

I had asthma when I was younger.

The doctor told my mom I should get swimming lessons.

For two summers, I practiced learning how to swim.

During grade school, I joined the swim club.

I was a big fan of my uncle who’s also left-handed and an artist.

I tried to learn how to draw by joining art claass.

I got bullied when I was a kid.

So I went to the gym, hired an instructor so I can get stronger.

I buy things that make my life better.

I buy books to increase my skills.

I read books to fix my attitude problem.

I bought gym equipment to stay fit.

I bought a washing machine to save time.

I do my best to write every day.

I was top agent when I was working in a call center.

My team leader called me “happy bear” because I looked like a happy bear when I smiled.

I can deadlift 360lbs.

I can sprint 100 meters in 12 seconds.

I can do 15 unbroken pull ups.

I recently learned how to do a hand-stand push up.

I use spreadsheets to count the cost of almost everything.

I believe understanding the numbers is also important.

I like iced black cold brewed coffee.

I bought a fridge so I can save money buying meat, coffee and cold water.

I am traumatized by minimum wage jobs.

I was so poor I couldn’t buy shoes.

I credit my career growth to my experience working in a call center.

I credit my sales numbers to my English skills.

I credit most of my skills to reading books and taking online courses.

I credit my status to my writing skills and website skills.

I’m a kinesthetic learner.

I learn about things through active research and personal experience.

I owe a lot of my advancement through the help of the people better than me.

I imitate successful people in my circle and I copy their techniques.

One technique I am fond of is documenting my daily activirties and the strategies that I learned.

I spend the last fifteen years working in jobs that require high-level communication skills as a primary requirement.

I often ask and answer questions on my notebook.

I share my most interesting ideas on my website.

I do my best to detail the stories that changed my life.

I’m an introvert.

I also spent 90% of my time so I can work jobs that are naturally for extroverts.