Let’s talk about what employers really check when you apply for work.

I’m providing a list of everything they check.

Not everybody checks every detail.

But if you are a normal person.

And you look for new work.

Or better work.

On a regular basis.

All of these questions will come up.

This is also.

How I judge people.

When I hire for our company.

Let’s begin!

What do recruiters see when they look at your resume?

Do you have an email address?

Does your email address look professional?

Do you have any grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes?

Is your resume well written?

What do recruiters see when they search the web for you?

Does your name show up on Google?

What kind of person are you on Facebook?

Is your name spelled correctly?

Is your profile photo like a normal person?

What kind of posts do you have on Facebook?

Do you have any rants, hate-speech, do you share memes or fake news?

Are you too political or religious online?

Is the information here truthful?

Are his or her employers properly labeled on his profile?

What do recruiters see when they look at you?

Do you look neat?

Are your clothes professional?

Do you smell good?

Are your teeth taken care of?

What do recruiters see when they interview you?

Does this person listen to my instructions?

Can this person follow instructions?

Can this person ask questions if he or she does not understand the question?

How does this person respond to questions he or she does not know the answer to?

Does this person have a record of getting the job done in school, personal life or past work?

How does this person deal with stress and difficult situations?

Does this person panic?

Does this person stay calm and ask good questions?

Does this person talk professionally?

Does this person give too much or too little information?

Did this person prepare for this interview?

Is this person dependable and confident?

Do I want to work with this person?

Do I want to pay this person?

Will this person help me make the company better?

What do recruiters see when they listen to you?

Do you speak the words well?

Do you give long awkward silences?

Does this person say uhmms and ahhh when thinking like a stupid person?

Do I like the sound of this person’s voice?

What do recruiters see when they look at your employment history?

Will this person resign early?

Is this person loyal to his or her employers?

Is this person going to treat his supervisors well and support them in achieving their company targets?

Will the company benefit from hiring this person?

Is this person a good hire or is he or she a traitor?

What do you need to do with this information?

These are common questions that recruiters ask themselves when they talk to you.

Whether you are talking to the HR, Recruitment staff, Hiring Manager or Business Owner, they are often silently asking these questions to themselves as they talk to you.

You can ask yourself these questions and match it to how you approach your job application.

Then you can make corrections.

Go over these questions again and again.

So you can get your life in order.

Fix your resume.

Fix your social media profile.

Fix your appearance.

Fix your English.

More importantly…

Fix your attitude.

You're Hired!