Anything You Need Can Be Learned

September 20, 2018 • written by

Anything you need to know can be learned.

These were the first words the trainer on my first job wrote on the whiteboard.

His example was drawing Superman.

He said, if you’ve never drawn anything in your life and you have the means to hold a pencil, your first drawing will probably suck.

The second drawing will probably be bad too.

The third drawing.

In fact, I’m not going to pretend.

Maybe your first 200 drawings may suck.

But if you spent one hour a day practicing drawing Superman, for six months, people might recognize that you’re trying to draw Superman.

If you spent a year, you’d probably be able to draw an okay Superman.

If you spent three years practicing, you’ll be able to draw a good Superman.

If you spent five years you’ll probably be able to draw a great Superman.

If you spent ten years drawing, Superman, you’ll probably be bored but you can probably draw all the versions of Superman perfectly and you’d probably be a master artist too.

The reason I know this is because I am, at the time of this writing 32, and I’ve learned and mastered several skills over the years.

With drawing, I started learning shapes, then structure, then details like eyes, then nose, then ears, I’m still not too good with hair but you get the idea.

Anything can be learned and it’s a step by step process.

Rome was not built in a day and mastery takes years of practice.

So if you expect to master English in a few days then you have the wrong expectation.

The good news is if you spent a few hours a day to practice, you can reach far in a few months.

Anything you need to know can be learned.

All it takes is patience and some work.

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