How Do I Become Smarter?

May 08, 2019 • written by

There’s a story about Socrates.

A student came to him and asked, “Socrates, how do I get wisdom?” Socrates walked him into a lake.

When the water was waist high, Socrates suddenly grabbed the student’s head and held it under water.

At first the student thought it was a joke, but Socrates kept the student underwater.

The student paniced and began fighting for his life.

He was struggling to get up and his lungs began to hurt.

Finally Socrates let the student go.

The student was coughing and gasping for air.

Breathing heavy as his vision blurry but slowly recovering.

Socrates then said, “When you desire wisdom as much as that next breath, nothing will stop you from getting it.”

So if you want to get smarter, first you need to identify the problems in your life that you need to solve.

You have to feel the pain of the problem first, then go find its solution.

Just start trying to learning exactly what you need based on what don’t have then you can learn what you don’t know.

Study that.

Get smarter.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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