English Movies Won't Improve Your Communication Skills

August 12, 2019 • written by

If you’re a child, you would benefit from watching English movies.

The younger you begin, the more English movies and TV shows you’ll be able to consume.

Watching movies can help you become more familiar with how Americans speak the language.

Your listening skills might improve too.

The more exposure you have, the more fluent you’ll be.

This is the most efficient way to train English speaking kids.

Unfortunately, you are not a kid.

The BIGGEST Reason Why JUST WATCHING Movies Won’t Help Improve Your English Skills Enough To Help You Qualify For A Job in a Call Center.

How many of you watch a movie with a notebook and pen?

Do you pause the movie every time you encounter an unfamiliar word?

Do you write down the unfamiliar word and search Google for the definition?

Do you listen to the proper pronunciation of the unfamiliar word, imitate it, say it out loud and check the proper pronunciation and repeat the process until you get it correctly?

Are you REALLY making an effort to make sure that you’re using the word well? the word is used well?

Very few crazy people do this.

Let’s keep our conversation within REALITY

You’re looking for a way to qualify and get hire for a higher paying BPO job.

If you’re an adult and your English isn’t good enough to get hired in a call center, then watching more movies won’t help you.

Not that much anyway.

Achieving a goal requires the accomplishment of some tasks.

Accomplishing a task requires multiple skills.

Skills are a combination of techniques.

Techniques are a series of moves.

Moves are a sequence of steps.

English is composed of different sub-skills.

The most common examples that you are familiar with include:

English Input: Reading and Listening.

English Output: Writing and Speaking.

Filipinos have the highest English comprehension and compatibility for BPO and Call Center work.

That’s because we have an incredible relationship to American culture.

We all know Star Wars, The Avengers, Transformers, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, the Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight and many more.

We saw popular US TV shows like Oprah, Game of Thrones, Friends, How I Met Your Mother and more.

You know the names Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams and Michael Jackson.

Other Asians don’t.

They have their own culture.

And only pay attention to local media.

We were the first on Friendster, Facebook and YouTube.

If you finished High School, you already have ten years of English practice.

Usually, people worked with just need to learn and correct 20 mistakes with their spoken English to pass BPO interviews.

Maybe 30 words need to be fixed to be sure.

If you’re really challenged, let’s make it 50 corrections.

People who claim to have problems with English Grammar only need to do a few writing exercises to fix their English.

You might only need to memorize 50 sentences to pass a Call Center Interview.

And you probably need only 100 sentences to get Regularized in a Call Center.

Most Filipinos that I encountered have strong deficiency with their English output.

They understand words.

They passed English class.

They enjoy watching movies.

But they can’t write more than ten sentences.

They can’t speak properly.

They don’t even have the confidence to try.

They have zero speaking experience after they leave school.

And that’s not enough to get a job.

And when you’re an adult, and you hope to use English TV Shows and movies to try and improve your English.

The only skill you’ll build is your skill of watching the movie or TV series.

Let’s be honest.

We like how the actors/actress look.

We love the story.

We enjoyed the fight scene.

We enjoyed the escape or chase scene.

We loved the ending.

We loved the life lessons, impressive quotes and discussions from the movie or TV show.

You’ll just become more knowledgeable.

About the Marvel cinematic universe.

About the Fast and the Furious universe.

About the Harry Potter universe.

About Middle Earth.

About Disney movies.

About whatever movie or show you’re watching.

But movies and TV shows have very little to teach you about the key English skills that will land you a call center job.

First of, let’s discuss the kind of English that you need for call center work.

Give Introductions.

You’ll introduce yourself to the interviewer several times. You’ll introduce yourself in training. You’ll introduce yourself to the customer all the time when you get hired. You’ll also introduce the company and some procedures to customers on a regular basis.

Ask Questions.

Call center work is 90% asking questions. Your interviewer is judging you how well you use questions to deal with situations you don’t know how to handle and questions that you know the answer to.

Give Step By Step Instructions.

After asking questions, you’re required to give the customer the solution in the form of step by step instructions.

Tell A Story.

When you’re selling yourself, and you share a positive point, you will be required to tell a story to explain how things worked out. Telling stories are one of the primary convincing tool in sales and getting cooperation and support from someone.

These are sometimes covered by movies and TV shows.

The keyword that you need to pay attention to is: sometimes.

That means not all the time.

In order to build your English skills to a level that you can competently interact in a business environment, you will need to expend an ungodly amount of hours watching all sorts of movies and TV shows.

I mean, sure you can sometimes find a small piece of pizza in a garbage dump but that’s not the best way to get your pizza.

The best way is to write your ideas and discuss with a person who speaks English well.

Watching movies and shows an inferior and incomplete method if your main objective is learning English for the purpose of qualifying for a job.

Imagine having a match with Manny Pacquiao in a few months.

Do you think you can expect to win with just watching a few boxing movies, YouTube videos and reading boxing books?

You need to be at the gym, practicing on the punching bag, getting coached by an experienced boxer, sparring with other fighters.

In the same way, to learn a language, you must SPEAK it.

Daily practice, SPEAKING and confronting your weakness, until you are skilled enough is the missing element in hundreds of Filipinos who send me messages every week.

What you need is real practice.

The kind of practice where your mouth is moving.

And English words are coming out of your mouth.

Not practice in your head.

The reason why 90% of people who apply in a call center and failed is because they practice alone and they practice in their head and just “hope for the best.”

Bahala na si Batman.

Then if they fail, it’s the interviewer is their fault.

What Should I Do Instead?

1. Talk to someone who is better at you in English.

Spend time with them.

Spend an hour a day.

Practice for two hours if possible.

Get help from family members and friends.

Offer to pay them if you have to.

If you are afraid of making a mistakes, then you need courage to make the mistakes because that’s the only way you’ll encounter the correction.

That’s how you get better at speaking.

A master has made thousands of more mistakes more than a beginner ever will.

2. Write your thoughts and ideas in a journal.

Write your ideas and thoughts everyday.

Write everything that you want to say.

At the end of the week, read what you’ve written down out loud.

Listen to how your thoughts sound.

You have enough school to recognize wrong grammar.

You have already SEEN ENOUGH ENGLISH MOVIES to detect many small errors.

Make some edits to your written English then repeat the process.

If you need additional help, GET SOME HELP FROM ANOTHER PERSON.

You need to be humble enough to accept your weakness and responsible enough to take ownership of your faults.

Then you will have the power to face your weakness.

3. Think in English

We all talk to ourselves every day.

The question is what language are you using?

When you’re hungry, do you say, “I’m hungry” or “gutom na ko”?

Thinking in English helps increase the speed and spontaneity of your words in a conversation.

But I’m Afraid, I’ll Get Embarrassed Or Laughed At…

It’s a weakness you will have to voluntarily face.

At the end of the year, a minimum wage job gets a person 119k/year

A regular call center job pays 240k/year.

And an experienced call center agent can earn 390k/year.

So all the suffering is worth facing.

And it’s way better than explaining to family members why you don’t have money.

Which is a whole another long discussion.


  1. Find a practice partner
  2. Buy a notebook and begin writing your thoughts and ideas.
  3. Start thinking in English.
  4. Write your excuses on your journal.
  5. Write your plan of action on how to improve your English.
  6. Write the names of all the people you will ask for help.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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