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July 20, 2019 • written by

I advocate bike commuting.

I live in Parañaque and worked in Makati.

I spent 150/day to commute back and forth to the call center.

If you work five days a week, that translates to Php 3,000/month.

I started biking to and from Makati and saved Php 3,000/month.

You need to be careful though.

Biking to work has it’s own challenges.

Here are problems I had to deal with when biking.

I’ve tried different bikes as well.

I own a Folding Bike.

I own a Mountain Bike.

I also own a Fixed Gear Bike.

Zach Gallardo talks about Fixed Gear bikes.

The fixed gear bike is the simplest bike that I owned.

Its light and fast.

So it’s easy to carry.

It’s easy to leave the house with and move around with.

There are many myths about using Fixed Gear Bikes.

And I learned a lot of lessons from Zach.

The most important lessons is you can keep your brakes on.

You don’t need to write brakeless for fixed gear bikes.

Fixed gear bikes are popular for not having brakes.

But you don’t have to follow that stupidity.

Especially if you are riding your bike in Manila.

That’s because having the emergency brakes can help you make emergency stops.

The other great advice I got from him saved me a lot of money.

The biggest problem when talking to “bike guys” especially when you’re asking for recommendations is they often always insist you spend on the “best gear that you can afford.”

Unfortunately, “the best gear” that you can afford simply means “the most expensive gear” available on the store.

And that’s been my problem when buying.

Zach advocates only spending what you need.

No need to upgrade to the most expensive bikes.

My friend Karlo, taught me that bikes are “a form of transportation.”

You use it to get places.

Not to get praise from others.

Watch this video.

Listen to his advice.

And subscribe to his channel.

Here’s a link to Zach Gallardo’s YouTube Channel.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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