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October 31, 2019 • written by

The biggest disadvantage of being young is we tend to take everything personally.

Any form of negative criticism hurts hundreds of times as much.

So whenever we receive criticism of any form we tend to fight it and as a consequence we reject the only missing ingredient that we have that will change our life for the better.

Primary reason many Filipinos are poor.

Arrogance means blind to criticism.

Boss says ang tamad mo.

You have to work harder.

Parent says ang bobo mo.

You have to put more effort studying.

Your girlfriends parents says walang future sayo.

You need a better career plan.

Manager says wala kang kwenta.

You should learn more skills.

Other people see you as a loser.

You need to utilize your blessings to accomplish something useful.

We all know that these people care about us.

But we see them as our enemies.

Problem with watching too many English movies is we see ourselves as a hero and we see the people offending us as villains that we have to fight.

What we don’t realize is that we’re just an asshole who failed to consider that the people above us are giving us the best clues on how to succeed.

I grew up watching martial arts movies.

In those stories.

The villain doesn’t get to beat the hero a lot.

The villain usually beats the hero at the start of the movie.

The hero survives and finds a master.

The master trains and beats the hero thousands of times and as a result the hero becomes stronger than the villain.

The hero beats the villain.

The story ends.

Most people remember the hero beating the villain.

I remember the master beating the hero to make the loser more powerful.

And somehow, I feel that’s one of the reasons how I became great at many of the skills I currently have.

If the process doesn’t scar you, the benefits don’t stay with you.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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