Call Center Work is NOT for WEAKLINGS

September 03, 2019 • written by

If you’re soft.

If you are weak.

If rejections bother you…

If criticism bothers you…

If people telling you what’s wrong with you bothers you.

If harsh words hurt you…

If cursing hurts you..

If you’re not willing to research.

If you’re not willing to teach yourself.

If you’re not willing to ask for help.

If you’re not willing to stop doing your stupid activities.

If you’re not willing to buy load, so you can access Google and take some stupid online test or read some stupid lesson that has basic information that you need to know about the job…

Then call center work isn’t for you.

Call center work is tough.

People cry in a call center.

People regret their life choices in the call center.

People quit in call center work.

Many people can’t take the kind of work that call center agents receive on a daily basis.

You have to please the company.

You have to please the TL.

You have to please the management.

You have to please the client.

You have to please 60-100 customers a day.

90% of customers that you talk to are angry at you because of a situation that’s not your fault.

Saying the wrong thing can get you fired on the spot.

There is no spoonfeeding for call center agents.

If you receive the title “call center worker” you are not allowed to receive any spoonfeeding.

You are supposed to give the spoonfeeding.

Your title says it all.

Customer service representative.

Representative motherfucker!

You represent.

You represent the company.

You represent the businessowner.

You are in their place.

This applies to sales representative and technical support representative.

You are given the authority and the responsibility.

And if you don’t know, google the meaning of those two words.

Higher paying call center jobs calls you something fancy like..

Customer Account Executive.

Executive motherfucker!

You are supposed to execute.

Google that too.

It’s responsibility.

Everyone talks about the benefits of working in a call center.

But do you know the responsibility of working in a call center?

Do you know that if you accept the job, you’re supposed to go to work if you have a schedule?

And it doesn’t matter if it’s raining cats and dogs, you need to be in the office.

If you have to take a grab or hire the neighbor with the car to take you to the office.

You’re supposed to go to work even if you’re not feeling well.

Minor aches and pains don’t cut it.

You have a job to do.

You will be judged based on…

How disciplined you are at following the rules.

How well you studied for the job.

How patient you are with difficult people.

How good you are at listening.

How good you are at asking questions.

How good you are at giving instructions.

How good you are at telling stories.

How good are you at solving problems.

How good are you at expressing yourself and pronouncing your words.

How good are you at confronting your weakness.

How brave you are to try again.

Otherwise, you’ll get fired.

Of course, you’re stupid.

Of course, you don’t know what to do.

Of course, you don’t have what it takes.

That’s why there are products called books.

That’s why people write lessons.

That’s why people assemble instructions.

Martial arts.

Driving school.


High schools.



These are establishments intended to help you erase your stupidity.

That’s why we have teachers and doctors and mechanics and coaches.

Because you’re stupid.

And you’re doing something wrong.

That’s why a supervisor is assigned to watch over you at your job.

Because you’re an idiot.

And you can’t be trusted to work independently.

But as long as you don’t give up.

And you go to work on time.

You’ll get another chance.

And you can be a little bit wiser today than you are yesterday.

And over time…

That counts for something.

But if somebody says something that offends you…

And you let it discourage you…

And you stop going to work…

Then that…

My friend…

Is 100% YOUR FAULT!!!

Call center work is not for the weak or the soft.

You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong to survive in this industry.

Just like any industry that rewards its workers.

Ask any nurse or doctor.

Ask anybody working in sales.

Ask any manager.

Ask any business owner.

Ask any professional who own a car and a house if their job is easy.

And tell me I’m fucking wrong.

You can go back to applying for another minimum wage job if you let this post discourage you.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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