Viral Interview Video Red Flags- Part 2

May 23, 2020 • written by

In a previous post, I shared what happened in a viral interview discussion that several people misunderstood.

There were people who strongly opposed Rony’s decisions to not hire the “good looking senior management job applicant.”

Primary arguments of the well-meaning but mis-informed netizens are:

  1. Rony should have introduced himself before talking to the interviewer. Clearly he has a hidden agenda because the applicant is good looking.
  2. Rony embarrassed the job applicant as revenge for the applicant treating him like trash in the reception area. This is clearly payback.

If you weren’t paying attention, it is easy to feel this way.

Now that the video is viral, it is easy to try and force a conclusion because people have labeled the video as homosexual, power tripper or other forms of lazy name-calling.

This event only reminds me of this video from a couple of years ago.

Watch this first before you continue reading.

Physical Attractiveness is a Factor in the story - Debunked

The format of the post is a video of a person telling a story.

Since we’re not there, it’s Rony’s job to describe the applicant.

The applicant is a good looking well dressed man who studied in a nice school.

The purpose of this description is to help the listener imagine what is going on in the story.

Talking to the person pre-interview does not mean hidden agenda.

The reason the word “attractive” was used is for story-telling purpose.

There is also no reason for arguing about ego being hurt or insecurity.

Making the Job Applicant Sing and Dance is a Foul Move - Debunked

For sales, marketing and management roles, it is common practice to make an applicant sing and/or dance in front of the team.

This happened at four of 6 of the sales jobs that I’ve been to.

From personal experience, despite both not being good and disliking singing and dancing in front of people, I just went ahead and did so with no issues.

Interviewer asked me.

Are you comfortable singing?

I said no.

Are you comfortable dancing?

I said no.

You know how to act or make a speech?

I said no.

He said, okay. I want you to sing and dance while imitating the martial arts moves of your favorite movie fight scene.

I did exactly that.

He stopped me after fifteen seconds and was told that I passed that round.

Good job breaking through the limitations of your comfort zone! He told me.

So whenever I’m asked to sing or dance, even if I didn’t have the skills or confidence, I just went ahead and did it.

What’s interesting is…

You don’t have to sing and dance to get the job.

Upon doing further research about this hiring practice, I learned from several hiring managers that.

This simple test is intended to evaluate the applicant’s culture fit and how the applicant approaches ridiculous and potentially embarrassing situations.

Applicants with no confidence in their musical ability or break dancing chops have the option to fall back on their communication skills.

The applicant is allowed to opt out or negotiate not proceeding with this specific test.

When this happens, the interviewer will be testing how the applicant articulates his reasons.

This helps the recruiters filter out the “yes men” candidates.

A manager who has no ability to gracefully say no won’t make a good manager.

The Guy Was Wearing a Coat and Tie

Rony’s wearing jeans and tshirt.

Back when I was applying for different jobs, I was advised that everyone I meet on the company premises is potentially a decision maker.

I had the opposite experience.

I had a chat over three cigarettes with a nice looking gentleman who appears to be in his thirties who was also wearing torn jeans, scruffy shoes and tshirt.

He gave me a bunch of interview tips and ideas on how to answer some interview questions over three sticks of cigarettes.

He even gave me one.

I had no idea that he will be my second interviewer for the company.

Apparently he was the HR head.

During my time in corporate sales, I almost got fired because while I was in a hurry to a meeting with a big client, I did not wait for a stranger behind me on the elevator.

Apparently, he’s one of the managers who went to the office on a rest day because the company requested that he was present for our meeting.

Our company didn’t get that account and I was almost fired for my error in that “elevator incident.”

Applicant’s Red Flags:

I’m now going to discuss the most important part of this post.

What exactly did the applicant do wrong?

Not Looking At The Person Talking To You Has More Negative Points Than You Think

The applicant is applying for a senior management position.

What is a manager?

A manager is a steward of the company.

The business owner entrusts the welfare of the company to a manager.

A senior manager has higher responsibilities.

In a lot of situations, senior managers are put in charge of fifty to a hundred employees.

So what’s wrong with not looking?

As you may already know, getting hired in a job is not limited to passing a test or saying the right things during interview.

How a person behaves will determine who gets the opportunity and who gets rejected.


For higher tier positions, we are all expected to arrive prepared with all our research and notes before we got to the location.

I’ve read several bashers justify the rude behavior because “the applicant is nervous and is preparing for a job interview.”

Job interviews are “nerve-wracking” experiences. Said many of the commenters.

If an applicant for a management position goes to an interview unprepared, he has no business going to the interview and apply for a management position.

A manager is expected to be prepared for worst case scenarios and is responsible for the company’s well being.

Being a manager is not a light responsibility.

Unprepared applicants need to be eliminated early.


If you’re a senior manager, you are responsible for everything that happens to the business.

Your destiny is tied to the destiny of the company.

That’s just how it is.

That’s the reason managers are paid five to twenty times the salary of an entry level employee.

With great salary comes greater responsibility.

In the same way, everything is your fault.

If a problem happens and you didn’t see it, when you become a manager, it is still your fault.

The fact that the applicant was unable to detect that Rony is the interviewer means there’s something wrong with the applicant’s ability to pay attention.

Whenever I go to interviews and meetings, I avoid listening to music and audio books because I want to pay attention to what’s happening.

I am listening to the conversations around me.

I am listening to what is happening inside the office.

I am observing what is happening and taking important notes that I can use for later.

Remember that one important trait of senior management is that they should be goal oriented.

The applicant’s goal is to get a job.

The applicant already passed the different stages and has likely been to the site several times.

The applicant should be aware of his surroundings and who the people are.

It’s casual Friday.

He should have noticed that more people are in less formal attire.

The applicant should have opened the conversation with:

It seems to be casual Friday today.

I like how the management in this company are aiming for a more work life balance.

Not looking at the person talking to you, stepping away amd getting a magazine is the universal non-verbal way to communicate “don’t talk to me” isn’t.

Alternatively, the applicant could have easily deflected the questions properly.

Yes. I’m an applicant. What about you?

If the applicant used the opporunity to gather information about what’s happening on the ground, he may have performed better during his interview.

Broken Communication Skills:

Call center agents in sales, customer service and tech support knows that how you communicate is more important than the words that you use to communicate.

7% words
38% tone of voice 
55% body language

We are also taught early that if we want to keep our jobs, we need to master positive phrasing and to listen first and all those practices and social tactics that fall under “soft skills.”

In the event that I’m in an interview and I’m worried that I need to prepare, if someone is talking to me, or distracting me, I may politely excuse myself, admit that I’m nervous and go prepare.

It was mentioned several times that the applicant was answering questions but kept avoiding eye contact.

If you’re unable to communicate the outcome that you want to happen, you have no business applying for a senior management position.

Management requires that you communicate well up and down the hierarchy.

The reason why Rony says “the applicant is good” is because he can communicate up.

Unfortunately, the applicant displayed that he was unable to communicate down the hierarchy.

How the applicant behaved in front of a person in jeans and tshirt is an indicator of the applicant’s true character.

Let’s all remember that the applicant a senior management applicant and is in the reception area waiting for his name to be called.

That’s the reason why he didn’t get hired.

If the applicant wanted privacy to prepare for his interview, did he ask politely or did he attempt to end the conversation without communicating his intentions?

I have worked with managers who did not communicate their plan to us because we were just subordinates.

The manager told me that the boss gave her the power to hire and fire and that she will chop our heads first so she could avoid getting her head chopped off, figuratively speaking.

We got left in the dark because we didn’t have any clear instructions.

We got fired first because of said manager but that manager eventually got fired because his new team got fired.

The company that fired me probably lost a several hundred thousand pesos because of that manager’s attitude problem.

Perhaps Rony is trying to avoid a similar experience.

Two-Faced Personality:

When the applicant discovered that Rony was the interviewer, his personality transformed.

The candidate displayed a big personality change when being interviewed and introduced to the management compared to how he behaved in the lobby.

When you get hired, you represent the company all the time.

Once you enter company premises and you’re about to have your final interview, you should expect that every person you meet in the company is potentially part of your job application process.

You probably already heard the cliche that character is seen with what you do when nobody is looking.

Poor Team and Culture Fit

In management, we get assigned people that we like and we don’t like and we are required to achieve our targets and make the relationship work.

In BPO scenarios, teams and groups get shuffled around.

So being a snot to some random dude you don’t know may backfire if that person ever becomes a team member.

When I worked for West Contact Services, most team leaders helped me when I was starting out and as a benefit, we got to work well together when I got assigned to them.

I don’t remember which call center I learned this lesson from but when I’m at work I shouldn’t put myself in a position that I’m talking up or down to another person.

I once asked our OM if she had a spare plastic fork inside her desk.

In a Facebook group that I belonged to, there’s a running joke about how some team leaders and supervisors who look like janitors or maintenance staff.

There are top agents and performers who also don’t look like top agents and I’m always surprised by how they look.

Call center work is more of a merit system.

We are all taught to treat each others as equal and have developed the practice of leveling with people.

Lack of Mindfulness and Self Awareness

If you go to a company, everyone you meet inside the building is potentially someone who has a say if you get hired or get rejected.

How you talk to a security guard or receptionist may be a good reason to reject you.

Hiring managers have the authority to make decisions.

People with the ability to make hiring decisions are often given explicit instructions to “trust their gut.”

Avoiding High Risk Liabilities

The main reason why HR and management employ many forms of psychological questions and tests is to discover potential deal breakers as early as possible.

Once a person gets hired for a job, the company is liable to paying them.

When a person becomes a manager they no longer have official on and off time.

There is no separation between personal and business hours.

This is a senior management applicant on a final interview.

This is not a newbie job applicant that got bullied.

This is a senior management applicant who behaved poorly at the start of the interview, was given the chance to undergo the FULL SCREENING PROCESS for that day, and was rejected because he did not meet the business needs.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.












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