Fear of Judgement Takes You To Hell

November 21, 2020 • written by

74% of people won’t act because they’re afraid of judgement.

They already enrolled.

They bought a notebook.

They sit down.

They don’t do anything.

They browse the internet.

They’ll scroll Facebook.

Someone asks them what they’re doing.

They say nothing.

They say they’ll “play a short game.”

They’re on the phone until the battery runs out.

How many sentences did they write?

Some people wrote zero.

Some people wrote one or two.

Weeks pass, I’m emailing them to follow up.

Some people tell me they’re busy.

Some of them don’t reply at all.

During enrollment, you told us your objective.

Today you have a very good reason to quit.

I’m thinking.

You put in a lot of effort into composing that excuse why you’re quitting.

You put in time and brain power to assemble that message in your head.

If you only used your brain power to write the sentences that I asked you to write, next year, you’ll be thanking me for that ₱150,000 in your bank.

I’m not sad because you spent money and you did nothing.

I’m horrified that you’re so arrogant.

I’m sick at the thought your family will be facing 2021 lacking your ₱150,000 contribution.

I’ve been working since I was 18 years old.

Ever since I looked down on people who proudly declare they’re PAL or palamunin sa bahay.

I still do.

I’m older now.

I know the consequences.

I know how being unemployed makes the the rest of the family miserable.

I know how being unemployed leaves you vulnerable to depression.

I know how being unemployed kills your confidence.

I know how being unemployed will make you fat and sad and eventually want to kill yourself.

Unemployment is a literal portal to hell.

Do something man.

For fuck’s sake!

You paid me.

Stop being lazy.

Go write that sentence!

I am praying for your success. God bless!

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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