Use Your Weakness As Strengths

August 10, 2019 • written by

Here’s a list of words.

The first set of words can be your personal traits.

Next to it, you can find statements that you can use for interviews.

Adventurous: I take risks.

Ambitious: I am driven to succeed.

Approachable: I work well with others.

Articulate: I can express myself well in front of groups. I can explain things well.

Autonomous: I have initiative.

Calm: I stay levelheaded when handling a difficult issue.

Charismatic: I can be a lead others when need be.

Cheerful: I help develop a positive work environment.

Clever: I can find solutions to difficult problems.

Competitive: I work well under pressure.

Confident: I am not afraid to ask questions. I have no reservations about speaking the truth.

Cooperative: I get along well with a team of different people.

Courteous: I care about building a positive work relationship.

Creative: I can think outside the box and can come up with solutions instead of complaining about the conditions.

Curiosity: I am eager to learn.

Determined: I am self-motivated and self-driven.

Devoted: I am committed to the company’s success.

Diligent: I care about my responsibilities and always work my hardest.

Easygoing: I easily adapt to new situations.

Educated: I possess formal training.

Efficient: I strive to keep getting better at accomplishing the task.

Eloquent: I have enough communication skills to get the support of people who initially disagree with me.

Energetic: I am able to work long hard hours.

Enthusiastic: I am able to focus my attention and resources on the task at hand and put my all into every project.

Flexible: I am able to adapt and adjust my priorities.

Focused: I am goal-oriented. I am results oriented.

Friendly: I am easy to work with.

Honest: I value integrity.

Imaginative: I am inventive in my work process.

Independent: I need little direction.

Inexperienced: I am a blank pallet. I am a beginner

Inquisitive: I am excellent at gathering information.

Insightful: I can read between the lines. I also understand things that are not said.

Intuitive: I can sense when there is a problem.

Meticulous: I pay attention to the small details.

Neurotic: I am a perfectionist.

Open-minded: I take constructive criticism well.

Opinionated: I am comfortable voicing opinions.

Organized: I am a meticulous planner.

Patient: I am not easily ruffled.

Perceptive: I can read people effortlessly.

Persuasive: I am a natural salesperson.

Procedural: I work best with structure.

Punctual: I have great time management skills.

Quiet: I am a great listener.

Relaxed: I do not stress easily.

Resourceful: I use every tool at hand.

Responsible: I always finish a task on time.

Talkative: I am comfortable initiating a dialogue.

Technological: I am industrially savvy.

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