True Tome of Power

August 13, 2019 • written by

I played a game a game called Heretic.

If you do a search…

Heretic is a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.

The Heretic I’m talking about is a game created using a modified version of the Doom engine.

Heretic was one of the first first-person games to feature inventory manipulation and the ability to look up and down.

But in the game, it’s about a dude fighting an army of evil monsters with magic spells and magic weapons.

There’s an item called the “Tome of Power.” The “Tome of Power” is a black book with a skull design.

When you read the Tome of Power you get an increase the power of all your magic attacks.

One reason we enjoy fantasy games because we secretly desire some of the exagerated properties and abilities in real life.

I’m sure it will be difficult to get to a point where you’ll have actual magic attacks.

But it would be cool to have an item that you just read, and your ability to get things done will be multiplied.

When I’m a lot older, I realized that there is such an item.

The tome of power represents any book that teaches you a skill.

Any book that teaches you a skill that you don’t know how to use previously is a magic book.

Somebody’s knowledge and experience is converted to words, printed on a page is passed on to you.

In video games, you read a book, you learn a skill, you gain a powerful ability.

That’s true in real life too.

That’s the exact same thing in real life.

A lot of people, they go to college, graduate and stop reading books for the rest of their life.

So they are limited to just all the books that they were forced to read back in school.

And not that much else.

They’re not very knowledgeable outside of what they were taught.

I guess, that’s the biggest opportunity.

Because not a lot people are interested in learning to improve themselves.

People are more interested in fiction and entertainment.

Not everybody is interested in looking at their lives and looking for opportunities on making it better.

Think about it.

Give it more thought.

Does your house contain “Tomes of Power” or are you just “not reading”?

Because your life can be better.

That’s all I’m saying.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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