My Advice to a Teacher Exploring BPO Work and Online Jobs

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This is session 1 of our previous module.

As usual, we go over different grammar corrections.

We discuss why it’s so important to write about your typical workday in your previous job.

We talk about different mindsets of job applicants and how you can compete with the millions of job applicants.

We discuss the following situational interview questions:

What’s your expected salary?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Situation 1:

a. My salary matches your budget. b. My goal is to buy a house, car, and travel the world.

Situation 2: I’m just happy with the salary you’ll give me.

Conclusion 1: Indicates no ambition.

Conclusion 2: You’ll quit when the work gets difficult. There’s a good chance you’ll say something like: This job is too difficult, I’ll just go back to my lower paying job that’s not as difficult but I’m happy.

Talk about how your personal goals connect to your career goals. You can talk about how you doing your best at your work will make you achieve your personal goals. It’s important to communicate this because your answer to this question will allow the company to predict how long you will stay.

We talk about the different sacrifices that you need to make in order to succeed in a call center.

We talk about the downsides of lack of sleep.

-Extremely impaired thinking and problem solving ability.

Stay Two Years or Longer

If you work in a call center and quit early (less than one year) the company loses money. If you get paid ₱25,000 a month and quit after six months, the company lost ₱150,000 on you and that makes you a bad investment. Future employers will judge you harshly based on this behavior.

We discussed different things you need to prepare for freelance and online work.

I shared different tips to stay fit.

I share better things to do with your time than to watch than English movies.

You need to get used to talking about your life and your interests.

Connecting work as a teacher to BPO work.

We discussed the importance of having prepared stories .

How to answer random or unexpected out of the box questions?

I teach how to answer questions you don’t know the answer to.


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