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Warning: Strong Language Ahead

When I wrote this message, I’m trying to imagine the friends who ask me for help.

So imagine…

That we are having a heart to heart talk.

Consider everything I say here.

And look at your situation.

And see what applies to you.

Truth Hurts

Some of the things I will say WILL BE OFFENSIVE TO A LOT OF FILIPINOS.

But know that I say all these in love.

I want you to improve your life.

And I am willing to tell you the truth so you can make the change.

It’s only after you admit your mistakes that you are free to correct them.

That being said, let’s start by answering this next question.

Do You Deserve A Better Life?

I only help Filipinos who have a strong commitment to succeed.

BPO Workers are Rewarded For Hard Work

BPO work pays more than the usual Filipino companies because the work is tough.

What Does It Take To Earn A BPO Salary?

You need to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong.

If you’re not all three or not commited to become the person you need to be to succeed, then helping you is a waste of time.

Do You Want Help From A Knowledgeable Person?

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Why Listen To Me?

If you apply the lessons that you learn from me, you can become the hero of your family.

You will become the kind of person that you want and look up to.

You Are Wasting Your Time With Other Programs

I put this together because call center schools and call center training programs don’t help Filipinos get better at English.

I Use The Best Training Methods Develped By The Smartest People In The World

My training methods work because it incorporates the best practices from the best teachers that I have accumulated for over 13 years.


I have used accelerated learning techniques that will allow you to learn and apply the lessons faster than any class that you can take.

I am also part of one of the first call center training schools in the Philippines.

Learning With Me Is Fun

I’m CONFIDENT you will benefit and enjoy the lessons as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

I am sharing with you the top lessons that you should read if you want to get hired in a call center.

You’re probably here because you requested a reviewer.

I’m going to teach you a lot of lessons for free and if you go through them you’ll be able to become successful with call center work.

How To Get The Best Lessons


Get a notebook and take notes.

If you find anything useful, helpful in your job application or a lesson that will improve your life, please write it down so you will remember.

When you remember you are able to use your full potential.

Get a notebook and write the lessons down.

Don’t miss these opportunities because you can’t speak in English.

I get a lot of messages from Filipinos asking for help on a regular basis.

It goes something like:

Hi Kevin! I would like to work in a call center…but I’m not good at speaking in English.

Then they ask me if they can get around not speaking in English.

A Loser Attitude Gets You Loser Jobs With Loser Pay

People tell me that they are considering non-voice accounts or local accounts because they do not speak in English well.

A Person With No Confidence Will Always Get Paid The LOWEST

Another common comment that I get is that I’m good at speaking in English because I work in a call center. As if speaking in English had little application outside call centre work.

Some people tell me they want to find work but they can’t get hired because their English is not good enough.


Whenever people ask me for advice my answer is:

You need to invest in yourself.

Investing In Learning Skills Have The Highest Rewards

How much income you make is equal to how much you have improved your self and your skills.

If you spend time studying and practicing English or any skill you desire to learn you will get better.

I did this every day until my skills were good enough.

English is a required life skill.

That’s what I believe.

The reason why you’re not where you want to be in life is not just because of your poor English communication skills but because of your refusal to improve your English communication skills.

Why Are Many Filipinos POOR?

You miss opportunities in life because you are afraid.

You miss opportunities in life because you’re lazy.

You know what?


You’ll have bigger problems by avoiding this small problem.

If your intention to improve your life is genuine then you should invest every effort and resource in improving your English.

If you don’t then you are doomed to a life of minimum wage.

Getting a good job

Interviews in high paying jobs and foreign employers are conducted in English.

Consider this.

The high pay or anything above fifteen thousand pesos and the good benefits that will secure your family is only available to Filipinos who can speak in English well.

Imagine this.

You will never qualify for an acceptable income if you refuse to learn a basic skill.

It’s like you want to be a chef and you can’t even boil an egg.

How much time have you wasted on Facebook, games and Telenovelas since you stopped going to school?

Learning enables you to qualify for higher pay.

Whether you want a job with a good employer or to go abroad to work.

Communicating well is required.

Remember this.

Filipino bosses are the worst bosses in the world because in the Philippines, it’s every man for himself.

Nobody cares if you starve to death.

Maybe you’re close to your family, but if you honestly care about each other, you have the obligation to become financially successful so you don’t pull them down with you.

There are many Filipino and Filipino Chinese employers who don’t care for the welfare of their employee.

Many of these wicked employers will try to get away with paying you less than minimum wage.

They have nice cars because they pocket cash instead of paying you the benefits.

It’s common practice to hire people as trainees to pay them less and to put them on permanent probation or contractual employment agreements to avoid paying them basic government mandated benefits.

In a lot of cases, you need to check with SSS and PAG-IBIG if your payments and contributions are being remitted to the necessary government agency.

Its that terrible.

Many honest employers require that you speak in English.

If your English is not good then you’re not qualified.

Dishonest Employers Take Advantage of POORLY SKILLED EMPLOYEES.

They will hire you cheap because you can’t go to better employers.

Because you lack the basic English communication skill, companies who exploit their workers thrive.

It’s because you’re not qualified for higher paying jobs, you don’t have a choice.

You get low pay.

Your benefits get stolen.

You become doomed to be poor.

If you’re a woman, your only chance is to marry somebody rich.

If you’re a man, your woman will be stolen by someone rich.

I’ve been there and it’s not a happy situation.

I almost killed myself several times and it took me over five years to recover.

You don’t have any advantages because you can’t speak in English.


Even if you’re a hard worker, honest, patient or you have other special skill that’s not enough because you can’t communicate what you can do.

English is ONE Tool That Opens The BIGGEST Opportunities

English is the skill that allows you to put your foot in the door.

English allows you to communicate to non-Filipinos, how good you are.

Not getting a job in a call center 

Call center is the highest paying job with the lowest specific educational requirement.

Imagine this.

You can take a job with no specific college educational requirements.

Any course is accepted.

Incomplete college units are accepted.

High school graduates are accepted.

You don’t have to be particularly good looking.

You are not required to trade sexual favors for any advancement.

This is probably the easiest.

Unless you’re open to trading sexual favors to advance in your career.

What Is Call Center Life?

What Are Basic Call Center Skills Anyway?

You just need to have basic English skills.

You just need to read and follow instructions.

You just need to ask Americans questions about their account, listen to their problems and tell them what to do next.

You will have to take a deep breath and say “don’t worry, I’ll do my best to assist you” at every call.

Eight hours a day for fifteen to thirty thousand a month.

Call Center Rewards Can Build Your Dream Life

You can use the extra money to get online work or start your own business.

You can use Call Center Money to Go After YOUR DREAM JOB.

If you can’t get hired in a call center what makes you think you can qualify for a better life?


Imagine getting promoted as a manager or going abroad with poor English.

It sounds like a disaster.

How will you talk to the owner of the company?

How will you ask for support if you need funding for your project?

If you’re Filipino and you can’t speak in English.

Not speaking in English is a fucking disability.

Speaking English Always Makes A POSITIVE IMPRESSION

Filipinos who can speak in English well, always makes a good impression.

If you speak in English, people see you as educated, intelligent, refined, a person of class and substance.

Speaking in Tagalog when you are in an interview and the interviewer is speaking in English will give potential employers the impression that you are unprofessional, lazy, uneducated and poor.

NOBODY Will Tell You The TRUTH

No offense, but you should be offended.

You might be thinking this is so harsh.

That’s the fucking truth.

I have experienced this first hand.

Very FEW People WILL TELL YOU What is WRONG With You

Filipinos are polite and will just point you away but this is the truth.

Kanto-Speak, jejemon and just bad English turn people off.

Stop it.

It will make you sound silly.

Unless you’re already rich and successful then this part doesn’t matter.

English Speaking Employees Get Paid Higher Than Non-English Speaking Workers

Before working in a Call Center I worked in the mall.

Other than the manager, I’m the only person in a team of twenty four sales people who can speak in English.

Whenever the customer is foreigner or an English speaking rich folk, everybody called me.

If You Say NOSEBLEED You Are Throwing Money Away

They say they are, in their exact words “nose-bleed” and I should talk to the customer. They give me half their commission and the client goes with me.

In a lot of these jobs, customers see me as the boss because my English is good.

It’s just English but it’s a big advantage.

Even if you choose a non call center job English will give you an edge over the lazy folk who didn’t study.

English Speaking Workers WILL Get Promoted At Work FIRST

In a past job, I was working for a tech company under a boss who was newly promoted. Her name is Ramona Cruz or something like that.

She had good sales skills and a large network of people to sell to. She was able to bring in two clients so she was promoted.

I worked with the CEO of the company and he taught me how to present what we were selling and I copied it perfectly.

I was asked to come with her and do sales presentations for her.

The thing is, because I spoke in English, the customers wants to talk to me instead of her.

This happened multiple times.

As a result she was afraid because management might change their mind and conclude that her promotion was undeserved and that I am more qualified and will take her job.

To prevent that, every time a client calls and looks for me she tells them that I’m out of the office and will take the message on my behalf. She will then not give me a message. She then reported to her boss that I am not handling my client well and they are complaining about me not calling them back and this eventually got me fired.

Had this happened under a different employer I would be promoted instead and there would be two teams competing.

If you’re good in English, you can get promoted and people will have to play dirty to beat you.

English Is The Language That Connects You With Top Performers

Don’t you notice that whenever Anne Curtis or Toni Gonzaga plays the role of the boss, they speak in English? This is also true for John Lloyd Cruz.

That’s because high performers speak in English.

It’s a basic fact.

It the business circle it’s okay to speak in Tagalog if you are speaking with the owner and they prefer to speak in Tagalog.

If you are talking to an employee English is expected among managers.

In the professional circle English is the preferred language.

So if you would like to learn from higher performer you need to learn English.

The solution is getting educated.

”Formal education helps you get a living. Self education helps you make a fortune”

  • Jim Rohn

How Can You Educate Yourself and STOP BEING STUPID?

Here are two ways that I use to educate myself.

1. Read.

You are what you read. You are what you study. Study the best materials.

2. Observe.

Smart friends are the short cut to learning faster.

When you read and practice what you learned you can get better.

I created this website to provide a collection of free self study lessons.

Thank you for reading this far.

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My lessons have helped hundreds of Filipinos get hired in a call center.