Single Effort Strategy

September 03, 2020 • written by

As a student, I wanted to spend the least amount of time working.

I also wanted to spend the most amount of time playing games and watching movies.

I got passing grades while behaving dishonorably in high school.

I’d often wait until the deadline before starting on my homework.

I’ve done this for both long homework and long projects.

In the early years, I passed many of my subjects.

This bad behavior made me feel intelligent.

I spent the minimum amount of effort and still got a high or passing grade.

As a result, this formed a bad habit in me.

When you get to college, the rules change.

What worked during high school doesn’t work in college.

We’re all sheltered during high school.

Following most of the instruction will allow you to pass.

Submitting all the homework will allow you to pass.

Getting higher than 75% on all the tests will allow you to pass.

Not being an asshole will allow you to pass.

Following all the common-sense rules will allow you to pass.

The rules become strict when you get to college.

You have to follow all the instructions down to the last detail.

If any detail is not clear to you, it’s your responsibility to ask questions.

You’re required to work without supervision.

You’ll use the internet for research and not for entertainment.

You’ll need to submit work on a deadline.

Guessing the answer during tests leads to failure.

Not spending your time responsibly will guarantee failure.

You’ll fail a project if you misunderstood the instruction and didn’t ask a question.

You need to have the mindset of trying to get the job done right and everything is 100% your responsibility.

90% of excuses that I used to pass high school didn’t work for me in college.

I failed college English and programming.

Here’s the important lesson.

Many work projects and real life projects follow the same rules as college.

Are you trying to get to a professional level with a high school mindset?

A single effort strategy doesn’t work.

Consistently inspect your work.

Actively look for errors.

Actively make corrections.

Actively ask questions.

Actively try to finish your work.

Actively make an effort to avoid wasting too much time on entertainment.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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