Production Decisions

June 05, 2020 • written by

When the global pandemic hit, the department of education announced that they’re considering online classes.

When we started selling our lessons, we wanted to give our students the most amount of help that we can afford.

To reach more people, we decided to deliver lessons online and offline.

We used email for writing activities.

We used phone coaching for grammar and pronunciation corrections.

These are two technologies that everybody had access to.

On social media, there’s a big debate about online classes because not everyone has access to a computer, a good smartphone, or a steady internet connection.

Many people use data and pay Php 50 a week.

If your classes included videos, that 50 pesos will be gone after a few hours.

As we read the comments, I feel a little arrogant as I laugh at the complaints.

I think to myself, we were pulling our hair out with these questions a few months ago.

When we sold English lessons last December, we received hundreds of inquiries.

Only a few people enrolled, and we got tons of requests and complaints as well.

People didn’t enroll because of their circumstances, some people can’t shell out money, and other people had the money but no tools to study.

The craziest message I got is from a construction worker.

He said he couldn’t afford to buy a pen and a notebook for the writing activities.

For people who can’t afford to pay, I send them the link to our website.

At the time of this writing, 2020, the site currently has over 400 lessons posted.

The people who paid us received our active participation.

We sent them lessons.

We waited for them to finish answering.

We talked to them on the phone.

We read and respond to their emails.

We’ve made several difficult decisions in the production of our lessons.

I’m going to talk about the problem and talk about our solution.

Here are some considerations:

Budget Problems

Many of our students have a low budget.

We did our best to keep our packages under $10.

Our first batch of English lessons was sold for only $5 or Php 250, and our students got six weeks of lessons in return.

Internet Connection Problem

Many of our students don’t have a strong, stable, or steady internet connection.

We understand that not everybody has home internet.

We understand that many people just use regular load for their mobile phones.

All the lessons that we sent to our students were sent via email and PDFs.

We also made the file size as small as possible.

The file size of one week of lessons is under 1MB.

So people can load the minimum per week to download all our activities.

Extra Charges

Whenever we sell to our students, all our packages are a one-time payment.

We don’t upsell or charge extra.

We ask our students to buy two notebooks and a pen.

We don’t want our students to spend more than they can afford.

Insufficient Tools

We understand that not everyone can afford a good computer or mobile phone.

So we designed our program to keep everything simple.

We use the phone and email to deliver the lessons.

We pay Globe and Smart for unlimited calls, so our students don’t need to spend extra money on data or video calls.

We use email so we can send and receive lessons while consuming the least amount of data.

You Don’t Offer Videos or Video Calls?

We produced a few videos but realized that many of our students can’t watch it because videos cost money to attend if you don’t have home internet.

FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, Zoom, What’s App, and Messenger is available.

Video calls are available.

But not required.

UPDATE: We charge an additional Php 200 for video calls.

Thank you for reading this far and thanks for your attention.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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