You need additional help with your pronunciation.

You are worried about having a strong provincial accent.

You have been told you have a thick accent.

You have experienced people laugh at how you pronounced some English words.

You sometimes feel how hopeless it it.

Don’t worry.

We can help you.

We charge ₱357 per session.

Each session is one hour.

Session 1: The Most Common English Errors and How to Fix Them.

Session 2: The Top 100 Most Used Words in the English Language.

If you need more help with other sessions, here are other topics you may want to practice with us.

Additional Pronunciation Topics (Select a Topic During Enrollment):

If you’re not interested or do not have the financial means to purchase additional lessons or sessions, don’t feel pressured to buy anything.

We answer all your questions via email.

Send me a message to schedule extra pronunciation sessions.

If you are interested in another topic, please send me an email to let me know.