I'm Often Wrong

June 04, 2020 • written by

I might be wrong with some of the lessons that I share.

I started my website in 2012.

It’s in 2020.

I learned a lot.

My first lessons were tricks to help you pass the interview.

My goal was to help people with their confidence problem.

I helped hundreds of people get hired in a call center.

After a few years, I realized that the bigger problem is communication skills.

So now, I help people upgrade their communication skills.

I ask them to write a lot.

People who become my students are expected to write a few dozen pages per week.

At a minimum, my students write for thirty minutes a day.

Then we talk on the phone.

I listen to them talk.

I fix some grammar and pronunciation errors.

We solved a lot of communication problems.

After three to four sessions, a lot of people got hired.

You’ll see that on our testimonials page.

Writing every day is the exact activity that helped me upgrade my career and income.

I try to help more people.

I also realize that I fail to help other people.

I can see that for some people, discipline is the problem.

They use up all their internet time for playing games and watching YouTube videos.

They tell me directly that they don’t have time to write.

Still, I see their social media posts.

I see them at a party.

I see them post a story about how they won a mobile legends game.

I see them taking selfies.

I see them having political discussions online.

I begin to think that it might be more helpful if I teach discipline first.

Basic life skills may be more valuable, so these people don’t go to hell for their mistakes.

I’ve talked to thousands of people the past year.

People don’t get enough sleep.

People don’t have money.

People don’t practice good hygiene.

People eat junk food and fast food all the time.

It’s as if every bad habit we avoided during our student days are now “the lifestyle” because teachers and parents no longer have the power to enforce discipline.

Being disciplined is your responsibility.

I’ll probably sell lessons about discipline in the future.

But a part of me wishes you don’t have to buy it.

I’d instead just focus on writing activities and reading about your success stories.

But you do you.

A person who persists following the path of stupidity ends up becoming wise if his mistakes do not kill him.

But that’s for another discussion.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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