Not For Everyone

November 28, 2020 • written by

A stranger sends me a message.

I want to work in a call center and get paid ₱25,000 a month, but I’m not good at speaking English.

“Can you help me?” asked the stranger inquiring about our services.

I send them details of our offer.

We work with our students to help improve their communication skills.

We give our students 42 writing exercises.

We designed the exercises to get them comfortable with expressing themselves in English.

We encourage them to write every day for 30 minutes to an hour.

We use their writing exercises to check their grammar.

We point out what’s wrong.

We provide corrections and suggestions.

We explain that we use phone coaching to help them with their pronunciation.

We also give them detailed feedback on their answers.

“Do you offer a certificate?” the stranger interrupted.

We award certificates to students who complete the lessons.

“Do you have connections in call centers that will help me get hired?” the stranger asked impatiently.

We explain that when they apply in a call center, the company will evaluate them.

The company checks the level of their English communication skills.

The company checks their attitude.

The company checks the level of their discipline and emotional maturity.

The company wants to avoid hiring people with potential problems in attendance, work avoidance, and disobedience.

The credentials aren’t a big deal because many call center companies today hire high school graduates.

I ask the stranger if he’s interested in practicing with us.

I don’t receive a reply.

I send a follow-up message.

No reply.

Many people are looking for shortcuts.

Some companies offer easy money.

If you ask any successful person in any competitive field, the answer is always the same.

There are no shortcuts.

Success is never fast.

Success requires hard work.

You do difficult things every day.

You work until you’re bored with what you do.

You watch everyone quit.

You’re the last person left.

You’ll watch people play video games, watch TV shows, drink every weekend, and frequently travel for a few years.

You’ll say no to all that.

All you’ll have in the end is money in the bank.

You’ll have a house.

You’ll have a car.

You’ll have nice things.

You’ll always ask yourself if success is worth it.

Fortunately, your family will be thankful.

You didn’t follow your loser friends.

83% of your failure comes from your lack of patience.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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