Lessons from Martial Arts

July 31, 2019 • written by

Martial Arts is one of the first disciplines that taught me that a beginner can become a master.

If you watch movies that involve martial arts.

The main character is usually a weakling.

He loses or runs away from the bad guy.

Meets a master.

Undergoes training.

And gets stronger.

Fights the bad guy.

And wins.

I learned martial arts in high school.

I was a loser.

And I was bullied.

I fought back but like an animal.

I used metal desks to defend myself against bullies.

After being beat up, a guy from my school brought me to his martial art teacher.

And I entered the world of martial arts.

In Martial Arts, we are taught this lesson.

Martial Arts is a system that allows a person who is weak at fighting to compete with other people who are strong at fighting by learning techniques through the daily practice of imitation and repetition.

Let’s break that down.

Martial Arts is a system.

Martial arts is a system of techniques.

In other words it’s a collection of techniques.

Martial Arts Tecniques enable the weak to win against the strong

Martial arts techniques allow people who are weak to compete with the strong.

Martial arts techniques use training and strategy passed on by someone who is strong at fighting to someone who is weak.

So the weak will get stronger.

Techniquest are Learned with Practice and Repetition

Repeating a movement or a step, allows you to experience mastery.

This works for almost any skill.

So after I learned martial arts, I felt more confident, that no matter the challenge, I’ll be able to get stronger or smarter and will be able to win life’s battles.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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