How Losers Succeed

June 02, 2020 • written by

What’s the difference between successful people and failures?

I have a lot of flaws.

At many points in my life, I’ve been called a late bloomer.

Many people have taken advantage of me.

I’ve been ignorant about a lot of things.

I learned to cook when I was 25.

I learned to be professional when I was 26.

I learned to say no to lousy job offers when I was 28.

I learned to be self-employed when I was 30.

I learned to negotiate when I was 32.

I learned to drive when I was 34.

So I never consider myself naturally talented at anything.

In fact, I always considered myself as the dumbest person in the room.

When I struggled with my grades, my mom hired a teacher to tutor me, especially during exams.

When the doctor said that swimming lessons can help me with my asthma, I took swimming lessons every summer for five years.

When I was in the fifth grade, I was interested in drawing, so I took two art classes.

When I almost failed English and Math, our family paid for extra classes so I can catch up.

When I was in high school, I took martial arts classes to help me handle bullies who had martial arts training.

I got interested in getting fit and building some muscles, so I also paid for a gym instructor.

During college, I took a personal development seminar that cost $500 to attend.

I bought books and online courses to learn how to make websites and understand computers.

I also bought dinner, cigarettes, and booze for friends who gave me advice about making websites.

When I struggled in sales, I bought books and hired a sales instructor to teach me.

I also spend Php 50,000 to fly to Genting, Malaysia, and learn more about sales and marketing from different top sellers.

I also interviewed people who were excellent at their jobs and offered to pay for their lunch or Starbucks coffee.

I became fascinated with comic book characters, so I asked a friend to teach me how to draw. I bought him a Jollibee champ and bought him coffee from Starbucks after every few sessions.

When I got interested in getting stronger, I hired a CrossFit instructor to coach me.

I took care of my friend’s expenses whenever we met up as he assisted me in building my first bike.

When I wanted to learn how to cook, I bought books, online courses and regularly bought food from my friend’s restaurant to ask for advice.

I got interested in boxing, so I enrolled in a class for a few months.

I got interested in jujitsu, so I also enrolled in a class.

At the start of the year, I invested 26k in buying books and online courses to help me with my career.

I enrolled in Masterclass and paid $180, so I can take classes on writing, negotiating, and other exciting skills.

In 2019, I bought a car and enrolled myself in a driving school.

I paid Php 2,500 for five-session with the instructor.

I paid another Php 2,500, so Mitzi could learn how to drive with me.

I’ve been driving regularly since the lessons ended.

In 2020, at the Big Bad Book sale, I ended up spending another 8k on books and notebooks.

When I want to learn a skill, I buy a book, take a class, buy an online course, or pay an instructor.

So anything that I need to know can be learned.

Every skill I tried to learn is challenging.

I looked stupid with most of my first attempts.

After sucking for a few years, I can do many of the skills I mentioned above with my eyes closed.

When a student is ready, a teacher appears.

I don’t understand the concept of free training.

Ever since I was young, I understood that I need to pay to learn a skill.

And I always got what I paid for.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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