I was fortunate.

I got introduced to someone who had the ability and resources to start a business.

We became close and spent time discussing ideas.

I was given access to his call center school project.

I was given a few short-term jobs at the beginning.

In 2005, I applied at well-known call center companies to learn the recruitment process.

I secretly went through the job application process to understand how to qualify for a call center position.

My research was the base material for how to find work in a call center.

I helped collecting materials used to build the initial program.

I later helped out in market research and sales.

The project became one of first call center training schools in Quezon City.

I helped grow the sales of the business.

The business expanded to Makati, and Ortigas.

Eventually, the company opened its own small call center in Ortigas.

Unfortunately, the owner of the company migrated and the school closed down in 2009.

Outside of my work in the call center school, I worked on improving my strategies for personal use.

I had bad communication skills and continued my research to fix my own problems.

Eventually, I taught my friends who are looking for work in a call center.

Many of them are employed.

I’ve been giving away these lessons and tips for over fifteen years already.