Fake Savings

July 27, 2019 • written by

When I buy something, I try to get things at the lowest possible price.

So if I’m browsing through an online shop I look for the cheapest that I can get.

What I never considered until I’m much older is the time cost of the cheaper options.

Take for example.

A call center agent’s hourly rate is Php 150 per hour.

A two-hour commute is Php 300 for your time.

And Php 200 for the transportation expense.

So usually an errand to meet a person costs Php 500 per trip.

What I don’t usually realize is that errands like this has some form of energy drain.

And I’m unable to focus for a few hours after the long commute.

Sometimes all I want to do is stay in bed, watch a movie or play a game.

And I’m unable to work on something productive.

Bad Deals…

Here are examples of bad deals I got.

Best Deal Second Hand iPhone..

I bought an iPhone from Quezon City. It was so cheap and high capacity. I was trapped by the 64 gig capacity.

I live in Parañaque. And the whole trip to Quezon City costs me Php 300. And since I spent six hours on the commute because I hit rush hour. I spent an extra 900 for the trip. The phone was broken and I didn’t realize this until much later. The phone heated up and drained faster. I took it to the repair shop in Raon. Which is the cheapest place to get things repaired? Parts. The repair guy tried to fix it. Charged me 4k. But the fix was temporary. I went back three times. Until I finally gave up.


Total Cost: Php 20,000

These days, I only buy Apple for gadgets because of its quality.

And I buy brand new.

MyPhone isn’t really a smartphone I’m proud to own…

I bought a MyPhone for 5,000.

It was a quadcore phone.

With a good screen.

Android specs are incredibly impressive at the time.

I thought it was a good smartphone.

But that’s how Android sellers scam you.

The specs are “always better than an iPhone”.

But the problem is the performance is bad.

It’s only good when it’s new.

When there’s nothing installed on it.

The screen was poorly attached so after I plugged in the charger, the screen lifted from the body.

I went to take it back to the store.

And the staff tried to convince me that the issue was my fault.

And that they didn’t need to replace it.

But all I did was use the phone and plug in the charger.

And the screen separated from the body of the phone.

After speaking with the manager, and spending a couple of hours.

They finally replace my phone.

Then they told me something like if it breaks again, I’m not allowed to exchange it.

So I spent another hour testing that the new phone is working.

As if I can’t trust them to give me a new phone.

The phone got slower and slower as I installed more apps.

And the battery drained fast.

I decided to buy the oldest iPhone.

At the time it was an iPhone 3g.

It’s many times better than this low quality android phone.


Total Cost: Php 15,000


Here’s the point..

Sometimes I thought that I was saving Php 200 - Php 300 on an item.

But the reality was, I end up throwing away Php 5000 or more on top of what I paid for an item.


What items do you own where initially thought were good deals?

Among those “good deals” which items actually costs more because of time and effort required to keep or use those items?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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