Embrace Difficulty

February 25, 2019 • written by

If you are blessed with higher intelligence, resources, education, physical attractiveness, health etc, your life is guaranteed to be set to a higher difficulty.

The good news is, any activity that requires a higher difficulty often yields higher benefits and rewards.

That being said, if you want a better life, you will benefit from wanting to do more difficult things.

Nobody cares about people who do easy things because almost everybody knows these people are not doing their best.

When I was 18, getting hired in a call center was difficult.

I got hired eventually but until I hit 25, I always had trouble keeping my jobs.

I was always told that I’m highly intelligent and I’m very persistent.

I had difficulty believing this because almost everything I tried was difficult for me.

I realized later that I kept trying more difficult things as I achieved small doses of success.

The reality was, I was growing but I was never feeling it becasuse I was always engaged with more difficult challenges.

When I was 27, I went back to the call center, became top agent and went after my dream job of becoming my own boss.

At 31 I succeeded.

It’s also difficult but the rewards are better.

If you care about getting good results in your life, I recommend that you seek out challenges instead of easy shortcuts.

An ancient book of wisdom has this advice:

If you are faithful with the small things, you will be entrusted with big things and if you are dishonest with the small things, then you will never be trusted with anything.

Learn to value integrity, courage, intelligence and honesty.

Teach yourself these values if you haven’t already.

Life is hard, but you can succeed.

I did and I pray you will too.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention.

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We may never meet but I'm happy I am able to contribute to your life through my writing.

Always remember that if I can do it, you can do it too.

Successful people are willing to experience temporary discomfort and do difficult activities that unsuccessful people are NOT willing to do so that they are able to build the life and enjoy benefits that unsuccessfull people will never have.

I am always praying for your success.