How to Build a Balanced Life with BPO Income - Career Advice from Charles Jeffs

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We decided to interview successful call center and BPO workers to ask for career advice on how to get started.

We were considering people who built a good life using their income from their BPO work.

We asked questions on how they got started and lessons on how they used the call center income to make their life better.

Charles Jeffs is one of the few people I’ve met in a call center who’s done really well with the BPO opportunity.

Using discipline and effort, he was able to advance in his career and achieve short term goals he had set for himself, placing him in a position that allows him to pursue his passion for Music and being an outgoing, fun loving person.

They key as he shares is not limiting yourself to your current environment but rather to find creative ways to learn new things, work hard and strive for a better tomorrow.

Enter Charles Jeffs

What’s the story on you got started working at a call center?

Like any other generic intro to starting in a call center, it was to earn for myself and help my family.

I do not come from a privileged or well off family hence I sought refuge in the idea of earning in a fast paced environment which was the “Call Center World”. 

I started way back in 2007 in a company called eTelecare. Had gaps in between but started again 
continuously from 2012 to present. 

What did you study in college and why did you shift to call center work?

I studied conservatory of music in the US but when I got back here in Philippines due to family complications and
financial problems, I was not able to finish college which I believe is not a rare case for us Filipinos to escape in finding 
a job or pursuing a call center career. 

What’s your favorite part about working in a call center?

Fast paced environment.

It may seem monotonous if you are the type of person who has been doing it for a while but, 
what I would like to encourage people to do is, do not be contented with just THAT.

There are a lot more things you can do inside and outside your life of work to improve yourself daily. 

What is a typical workday like?

Currently it would be, emails, internal calls with colleagues and bosses.

Client meetings, requirements, deadlines and such.

Can you share a story of a challenge that you had to overcome while working in a call center?

Well one basic thing would be of course the change in schedule.

At first, I found myself missing out on all these events and happenings my friends would all be at.

In the meantime, I had to be at work or asleep in the morning to be working at night. 

What’s your favorite accomplishment?


I would say that I am proud of myself and my accomplishments.

It was not easy.

But the best thing to work on, will always be yourself.

Always want to learn new and more things.

Invest in yourself.

What is a popular call center advice or call center saying that you hear a lot but is actually wrong?

“Madali lang yan kasi may experience ka na” – In majority if not all call centers, the idea is customer service.

If you have the basic understanding of that, you will indeed have what it takes.

But shifting from one company to another will have its differences.

Management, processes, tools are usually different from company to company.

So you will still have to learn all these things and it’s not always easy but if you work hard for it, you will get it. 

What is your advice to someone looking for a job?

Don’t be afraid.

Failure is a process.

It teaches you how to grow.

So if you are scared because you don’t think you have what to takes, that’s where you are wrong.

Try and try until you succeed they say.

What is your advice to someone who wants to do better at their call center job?

Learn things that can aid you in performing better.

May it be English or in writing.

There are a lot of things 
on the internet that are free that teach you how to enhance your skills as a professional.

Like this website.

Utilize this great tool called the Internet. 

What’s a recent upgrade that you bought with your call center money that changed your life?

A car.

With my new career now was also able to upgrade that said car into an SUV. 

Among other things. 

What do you do to overcome a stressful day?



Bike, plays games, (Mobile games / Nintendo Switch), share stories with my wife,
 reflect and be thankful for the day despite stress.

What’s the biggest misconception about people working for a BPO company?

“Madali lang trabaho jan madali ang pera.”

Work is work.

No company will pay you just to stand around and look cute unless you are a celebrity.

LOL so it’s real work = real pay.

Call center professionals don’t just get paid because the job is easy.

Otherwise, everyone would just be in a call center.

Am I right? 

Do you have any food hacks?

It can be advice for tipid days, it can be a favorite place to eat near your current/old call center.

Food hacks for nearby places are cool.

711 meals are awesome!

But best tip, invest in a nice food keep (or food keeper) and food bag.

It will go a long way.

Prepare meals at night before getting ready for bed.

Could be same as what you had for dinner or a different meal.

But packed lunch is key!

(Also been using my same Biokips bag since 2012! Mag reretire na siya soon)

What’s your dream job or career after call center work?

Owning a business of course and fulfilling my passion as a musician. 
 What’s the best way to reach you?

Mobile or email but you can also check my social media accounts. 

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Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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