What is a Call Center?

April 24, 2019 • written by

Wikipedia says: A call center or call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. A call center is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outgoing calls for telemarketing, clientele, product services, and debt collection are also made.

That’s true.

The real question is:

What is a call center for me?

For different people there are different answers.

For business owners it’s a place to outsource business-related tasks we’d rather not handle on our own.

For some entrepreneurs, it’s a business opportunity.

But that’s not who I wrote this website for.

You just retired from your work voluntarily or involuntarily and you’re bored with staying at home and looking for a source of income a call center may be for you.

You’re a fresh graduate, looking to earn some money for yourself or to start a business later on.

Maybe you feel it’s a bad way to invest your time to take a job that pays below minimum wage.

You’re a new graduate and you can’t find a job in the field of study you took up in college.

You’re a single mom looking for a way to make ends meet.

You have someone you can’t support, who needs a job.

You want to learn business practices and how some foreign companies operate.

The call center is in no way the perfect solution. I myself am not currently employed in one. The pay is pretty okay and the shifts vary and you may like it or not like it depending on your lifestyle. I present it as a stepping stone to other opportunities like:

Whatever it is it’s not limited to that.

Use your imagination friend.

That will be all for now.

Please come back tomorrow for the next lesson.

What is a call center for you?

Trivia: One of the most common messages that we receive is “Hi I want to be a call center, can you give me some tips”

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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