Artists Master Skills

August 09, 2020 • written by

It takes forever to draw something.

You have to make thousands of decisions.

You listen to the version of yourself that’s a cruel perfectionist.

If you have a low skill level, you have to repeat many of the strokes.

If you have a high skill level, you already got used to repeating your strokes because of your years of experience.

Drawing requires you to look at something and see what it is.

You take in all the important details.

You reconstruct the image in your mind.

Then you attempt to make what you saw show up on paper using a combination of lines and shapes.

There’s often a lot of mistakes.

There’s often a lot of parts to redo.

Some artists are fortunate; the people around them encourage them.

Some artists are not so fortunate; the people around them tell them it’s a waste of time.

Artists put up with a lot of negative comments.

Despite the discouragement, they press on and make their art.

They know they suck in the beginning.

They also know they’ll improve.

Little by little, the lines become more precise.

As time goes by, you learn techniques.

Breakthroughs come as you master the fundamentals.

After you learn the skill, you face another obstacle.

You need to learn how to market and sell your art.

If you’re skilled and attractive or well connected, making money from your art is easy.

If you’re average looking with average friends, earning money from your art is is an uphill battle.

Artists are the most dedicated people in the world.

They’re loyal to their art, almost to a fault.

They’re not very skilled at taking care of themselves.

Artists are generally loyal to their art, friends, and hobbies.

Artists are the most loyal people that I know.

Some people take advantage of this.

If you’re an artist, you should be proud of your skill and what you accomplished.

You can get any job because you know the secret to master any skill.

It’s repetition and practice.

It’s taking inspiration from other skilled artists.

Now stop reading and get after it.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

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