Why You Should Stop Watching Anime and K Drama

July 21, 2019 • written by

Before we begin, I want to share the following.

I am also guilty of watching this media from illegal sources.

I often recommended anime in the past because people are introducing themselves properly in the first few episodes.

So this is a great form of inspiration for learning how to introduce yourself in job interview situations.

I have overcome depressing moments in my life watching anime.

I have also learned a positive attitude and mindsets that allowed me to overcome obstacles through lessons from my favorite anime characters.

Life Lessons From Anime

I’ve watched all these shows, usually by going two or three days straight until I’ve seen all the episodes, all the movies, OVA, read all the Wikipedia page, trivia and production notes of these shows.

I’m a true otaku.

Or at least, I consider myself to be.

I am also a poor otaku.

That is why I have very little anime merch growing up.

And I have a shitload of anime merch now that my income has increased.

Life Lessons From K-Drama

I have, to some extent feel motivated to face a life struggle with a scene from a K-Drama.

Why You Should Stop Watching Anime and K-Drama

Most of the time you watch Anime and K-Drama posted on illegal streaming sites.

Some are watching some form of pirated media.

Some are watching shows illegally uploaded on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

If it’s not an official source, then something is wrong with you.

Specifically your situation.

I am guilty of this too.

I now have a Netflix subscription.

And watch my anime and occasionally K-Drama on Netflix.

Here’s the thing.

Consequences of a Poverty Mindset

If you can’t pay for the anime, you are not supporting the creators.

But these people are already rich.


The problem is…

What does that make you?

You’re stealing.

And making it part of your life to believe it’s okay to steal from someone rich.

And it’s okay for poor people to steal from the rich.

You are not saying it.

But your ACTIONS are SCREAMING it.

So when you begin to make that sweet, sweet call center money, your family and friends will raise their hands and ask for your handouts.

Libre mo ko cheeseburger.

Libre mo ko sangyupsal.

Libre mo ko ng milk tea.

Sooner or later, you already received ONE MILLION PESOS in a call center from your paycheck.

But you have ZERO savings.

NOTE: one million pesos is only 20k for five years. Not counting your thirteenth month and bonuses.

But that’s not your biggest problem.

The biggest problem watching Anime and K-Drama on pirated media is…

You do not have the money to pay for it.

I mean, yes you can pay for it.

You can ask your parents.

Or you can make a sacrifice to pay for it.

But you are NOT at the income level where you are comfortable paying for things.

This means you are still POOR.

This means you are WASTING your time.

You can, instead, be WORKING HARD to get promoted.

You can, instead, be STUDYING HARD to develop your skills.

Your TIME can go to something worthwhile.

Your time can be INVESTED in upgrades that MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.

Instead of being WASTED on entertainment.

And that’s the thing.

I pay for things now.

Because I can pay for things now.

And more importantly…

Because I see the value of time and money.

Watching anime and K-Drama is a good reward for a job well done.

Not an activity that should STEAL ALL YOUR OPPORTUNITIES IN LIFE.

When we were younger, our parents taught us that entertainment is something we’re allowed after we’re DONE ACCOMPLISHING OUR RESPONSIBILITIES.

As kids, we didn’t watch TV, see a movie or play a game until after we’ve cleaned up, eaten dinner, done homework and brush our teeth.

Why do the opposite now that you’re old.

Which of the two options make you feel like a winner or a LOSER?

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for your attention. God bless.

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CHAMPIONS are willing to experience temporary discomfort and VOLUNTARILY face difficult activities that LOSERS are NOT willing to do. And this is the reason CHAMPIONS are able to BUILD the life and enjoy benefits and SUCCESS that LOSERS will never have.

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